Bloggers, shoppers, eCommerce savants, writers, and marketers alike run websites on WordPress. Why is this website builder so popular? Why do a majority of marketers run their businesses here? We’ve compiled six reasons that explain its popularity.

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Moving along, here are six strong reasons why WordPress is a top choice for many marketers:

1. It’s Easy to Use

The number one reason on our list is that WordPress is straightforward to use, and so it suits a lot of different types of students’ needs without overwhelming them. It’s easy because students don’t need to know code to use it, and they don’t need to learn some complex program either. Its user interface (UI) is smooth and straightforward. Student finds projectcool a pretty good source to find more tools and resources about WordPress.

Who doesn’t like an easy-to-use UI? Simplicity is key, after all. Not every marketer will be extremely tech-savvy and be able to produce lines of codes like it’s nothing. And anyway, every marketer should know that presentation and useability are icebreakers.

Well, WordPress is easy to use. It won’t overwhelm you. You don’t need to be a hacker-coder extraordinaire to use it, either. Their website provides guides for newcomers as well, so for those who are extremely new to it: search up WordPress guides on your search engine.

Website builder WordPress

On top of that, it’s compatible with almost every hosting service online. So, let’s pile up the advantages:

  • Easy to use and uncomplicated
  • Simple and clean UI
  • Almost every hosting service on the internet supports WordPress. Self-hosting is easy.

Accessibility, compatibility, cleanliness, and there’s more.

2. It’s Free

WordPress is free. This one is one of our top reasons. Paid plans for it are readily available too, but which marketer doesn’t like a free asset? This is useful because marketers don’t need to commit right away but can instead test the waters first and run a demo website for any purpose without having to spend their cash on the dot. Even if marketers were to pay to run a website on WordPress, most of what they have to pay for is very affordable for its value.

3. It’s SEO-Friendly

If you’re a marketer, then Search Engine Optimization is your friend. Or SEO for short. WordPress is SEO’d, which gives it powerful potential to attract traffic and exposure for any website made on the platform.

Websites that run on WordPress rank high on many search engines, including Google, because it uses ‘compliant code’. In more precise terms, it gives search engines like Google what they want.

Marketers need to use SEO for their marketing strategy since it’s a crucial aspect to ranking better in search results. Marketers can also use SEO software management tools on their websites, like plugins.

4. It’s Open-Source

WordPress being an open-source software means that there are a lot of advantages for marketers to use it. Let’s review why it’s beneficial:

  • Open-source software like WordPress optimizes costs for many marketers because it usually means no extra fees need to be paid for. In comparison, proprietary or closed software usually comes with many additional costs like administration fees and multi-user fees.
  • It is extremely customizable because anyone can add functions they want their website to have, and it’s not only the company’s developers who can take advantage of this. Developers and end-users alike can add to the source code.
  • WordPress has been user-focused from its conception. That’s why developers have been consistently adding features to improve user experience with the software continuously. And since it’s open-source, developers take along contributors each time when making the latest and greatest version of WordPress. Marketers can take advantage of this to the fullest.

What else do you need to be convinced of?

5. It Has History

Person using WordPress

People and customers love what they’re familiar with. Why do you think Starbucks and Mcdonald’s still work so well? Because they’re household names. They’ve been there for a while. WordPress has been there for a while too, and so for obvious reasons, marketers should take advantage of its popularity and history.

It hosts millions of websites on the internet already and is a CMS that is sticking for a long time. And because of its user-focused approach and its regular updates, it will never be out of date or irrelevant. Contributors and developers have that checked. As a marketer, this is paradise.

6. Beautiful Design Choices

The website builder delivers functionality and aesthetics on top of that. There are so many elegant, simple and beautiful themes and design options, especially for those who pay for a premium plan. With so much competition out there, layout, design, and uniqueness are important for any marketer. And since there are many options, there are fewer chances of using the same set of options as someone else.

Whether it’s an eCommerce website, a blog, or a pair of shoes, product originality matters a lot nowadays.

Content is king, and if the content isn’t good, what do you plan to achieve?

Final Words

We hope this article has quenched our readers’ curiosity on why WordPress is popular amongst marketers and why those who haven’t already should take the chance and consider custom WordPress Website Development.

There are many competitors with features that are worth trying out as well online. Still, WP has a competitive advantage thanks to its history, the fact that it’s open-source, and that it is already successfully running millions of websites online.

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