Interested in doing more with WP Reset? The PRO version has 3 times more features than the free one and comes with premium email support provided by developers who made the plugin. PRO version also comes with WP Reset Cloud support which enables you to offload snapshots to our cloud and save space on your hosting account.

If you’re still on the fence whether you need PRO or not have a look at the features comparison or contact us if you have any questions.

feature free PRO
Options reset
Site reset
Nuclear site reset
Reset theme options
Reset user roles
Delete transients
Purge cache
Delete local data
Delete content
Delete widgets
Delete themes
Delete plugins
Delete MU plugins & drop-ins
Clean uploads folder
Clean wp-content folder
Empty custom tables
Delete custom tables
Switch WP version
Delete .htaccess file
Manually create snapshots
Automatically create snapshots
before running WPR tools
Automatically create snapshots
before running WP core, plugins & themes updates
Store snapshots in WP Reset Cloud
Store snapshots on Dropbox
Store snapshots on Google Drive
Store snapshots on pCloud
Automatically delete old snapshots
Preview snapshot
Auto-activate license for pro plugins in collection
Emergency recovery script
WP Reset Dashboard
License Manager
Manage collections for all sites in Dashboard
Manage snapshots for all sites in Dashboard
Priority support via email
Support via community forum
feature free PRO