How to Make Any Element Sticky in WordPress Without Having to Write a Single Line of Code

More and more often we’re seeing sites using the sticky position property for elements on their pages. Just as the name suggests, the property allows the designated element to “stick” on the page even after you’ve navigated away from its original position. Position sticky is, in fact, just another CSS position property like the classics – static, relative, absolute, and fixed.

Any element you have on a page can be positioned in such a way through the use of CSS in your code. For those that know how CSS works within the HTML frame the process is rather straightforward – a couple of lines of code in the right place.

There are two important things worth mentioning at this point, however. Although mostly used for a top element (menu bar, search field, header, etc.) the sticky position property can be used on any part of the page, i.e. you can stick an element on the right, left, or bottom side of the page – something not often considered. The other point is the fact that nowadays everybody has a need for a website, be it business or private, but only a small percentage of people actually know how to use CSS.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what Black Friday is. It is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This year it will be on November 27. Since 1952, the day after Thanksgiving has been seen as a beginning day for Christmas shopping. This dates back to 1952. However, it was not always known as Black Friday, but this term became popular in the last few decades. While the term Black Friday was first applied to a financial crisis and the crash of 1869, it is nowadays used to refer to the day when many retailers offer large discounts for their products.

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Top 5 Tools for Automating Prospect Searches and Outreach That Will Save You a Great Amount of Time

Finding new leads is no easy task. It involves a lot of patience and careful crafting of messages with which you are going to try and reach out to your potential new clients. And even after all that, it’s actually quite likely that you’ll still end up with nothing, which can make the whole process quite frustrating

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A Beginner’s Guide to Preventing DDoS Attacks and Thus Securing Your Site Even Further

A DDoS attack, also known as a distributed denial-of-service attack, is one of the most common but also most powerful cyber-attacks today. Pretty much every major attack you read about in the media is carried out this way, i.e. by putting so much pressure on a network or a server that they simply collapse and render the website or the service that was the target of the attack unavailable. This is done by increasing the amount of traffic a website receives exponentially, resulting in genuine traffic being unable to reach that website.

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Best Project Management Apps That Will Keep You Organized and on Schedule

Running a site can be a vastly different task depending on your situation. In cases where it’s your first site/business, most likely it’s a one-man show. As you grow your business, the same will be true for your site and before you know it, you’re working alongside a team of people and ultimately even more highly specialized teams down the line.

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SmartSeller – The Perfect Solution for All Your E-commerce Needs

The digitalization of modern society took its toll and it found its way of integrating into pretty much every aspect of one’s routine. Although some perceive it as a deficit, it’s not necessarily a bad thing – quite the contrary. Everything is sped up, more accessible, and so many opportunities are unlocked due to the digital affirmation. And just like with basically any other sphere, the future of shopping is for sure eCommerce, not only for customers but shop owners as well.

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Top 5 Uptime Monitoring Tools That Will Always Keep You Updated on Your Site’s Status

If you follow sports in any capacity you’ve probably heard the term “the best ability is availability”. In sports-related cases this is connected to often injured players, however, this can easily be transferred to websites. You want your site to be available, always. Unlike stores, offices, and/or kiosks your site doesn’t have the luxury of having working hours.

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Prime Mover – the Simplest All-around WordPress Migration and Backup Plugin

Anyone who’s at least dabbled in website management knows the trials and tribulations of migrating a site. It always seems that a simple task on paper gets overly complicated which leads to wasting days if not weeks instead of hours. Precisely because of this everyone’s always looking for ways to make this process more accessible to a broader user base.

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6 Tools That Will Make Your Site Faster

Nowadays hardly anybody has time anymore. We’re hectically running from one task to the next meaning that wasting time is not an option. The same is inadvertently then applied to browsing. With the evolution of smartphones and fast internet connections, we’re constantly online, and when you consider the amount of content that’s available, it’s easy to see why the need for fast service is essential.

You won’t waste your time waiting for anything, because just a few clicks away there’s someone who’s offering the same content, product, and/or service, but is faster at delivering that information to you.

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