A 2022 Guide to a Crypto-and-SEO-Friendly Digital Marketing Plan

It’s 2022, and the world has gone digital. Marketing plans that don’t include a strong focus on crypto and SEO will be left in the dust.

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Improve Your Google Rankings With Keyword Search Intent

Google wants to display content that is valuable and relevant to users — it’s the primary goal of any search engine. Therefore, if you want to see your page in top-ranking positions, you need to have the same goal. This is where keyword search intent comes in. Read more

How to Keep a Check of Your Competitors Through Market Research

Competitive research refers to paying attention to the competition and its doings. It is crucial to understand what the competition is doing to adjust your business and product or service on the market. This involves identifying competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and their products or services, and seeing how they compare to your business and products or services.

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How to Add Speech to Text Without Having Any Experience or Skills?

“Speech recognition software is the stealth solution flying under the radar today that will revolutionize all our tomorrows.”—Grant Fairley

Writing is an essential task expected of everyone in their professional life.

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Top 5 LMS in 2022: Choose the Right Tool to Level Up Your Process

To run a successful business (regardless of its nature), it’s important to promote growth from within.

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How to Increase Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

To promote business online, brands will need to reach a bigger audience. Video content creators, for example, use different methods to increase website visits, and that may translate to views or content consumers. More than half of all web traffic and 40% of all revenue comes from organic search. This is why search marketers strive to increase organic search traffic.

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Vlogging With WordPress: Important Details You Need to Know

Video blogging, often known as vlogging, is one of the most effective methods used for interacting with audiences and promoting your profile or website on the Internet.

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7 Best Free and Paid Online Chart Tools in 2022

No matter the niche you work in, data visualization is important. It is proven that people tend to remember information presented nicely and effectively. No one wants to read long forms of text anymore. That is why you will need tools to create beautiful charts, diagrams, and flow chart.

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WP Force SSL Review: Make Your Site a Safe Place With the Help of a Great Plugin

When building a website, multiple elements have to fall into place; aesthetics, functionality, security, and many others. The website owner’s primary goal is to ensure every vital component is well taken care of and that the site is functional at the end of the whole process. To be successful in this intention, you’ll need an entire array of tools to help, and most common in the world of WordPress are, well, plugins.

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What a Web Framework Is and Why You Should Consider Working With One

Web frameworks have been around for a while. But as more coding languages are created, and we continue to push the boundaries on web development, these frameworks have become more important.

You’ve probably interacted with a web framework today without realizing it. Did you see the weather forecast on a website? That website probably used a framework to access that data from a server for you.

That same website might have used a different framework to develop the servers where they store your information and yet another one for creating the interface for the website you saw.

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