WordPress Development Tool for Non-Devs

Speed up site deployment, testing & recovery by controlling, resetting & restoring the WordPress environment in one click.

Work Faster with WordPress
WordPress Development Tool for Non-Devs

It’s one of those tools that you simply don’t realize you need until you see it in action, and then you wonder how the hell you actually lived without itvideo review

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No bloat; just the tools you need to work faster

We use WP Reset every day to develop, debug, and maintain dozens of WordPress sites. We only add features that are needed to get the job done.

Your Own Time Machine

You clicked “update plugin” because why not? And everything went to hell? Go back to the past when everything was working with 1 click.

Undo anything with one click

Install Favorite Plugins With 1 Click

Create a collection of your favorite plugins & themes and install them after resetting the site, or when creating a site one from scratch.

save hours of work with collections

Your Personal WP Superhero

White screen. Nothing works! You messed up so badly that you can’t even get into the WP admin? No worries! Just open the recovery tool.

never fear white screens again

More Cleaning Tools

We all hate when a theme demo installs so much demo data that it takes an hour to clean. With WP Reset, remove anything with one click.

remove any demo data with ease

Nuclear Reset

Need to be sure everything is gone? All options, all files, all custom database entries, and tables? Then hit the nuclear reset button.

start clean with one click

Whitelabel Option

Don’t want WebFactory’s logos displayed within the plugin? Do you want to hide the license info as well? Just enable the Whitelabel Option.

easily hide license details

Automatic Snapshots

Let WP Reset be your safety net. It creates automatic snapshots before all significant changes on your site so you can always have a safe point to restore the site to.

safety first

The Cloud

Offload & safely store Collections & Snapshots to the cloud controlled by the WP Reset team or use one of the popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud.

store data safely into the cloud

Centralized Management

Control all your licenses, sites, collections & snapshots from a single location. All your client sites in one place, easily accessible and controllable.

one dashboard to rule them all

Still installing your favorite 20 plugins one by one? That’s insane!
Do it with WP Reset Collections. It takes only one click!

Over 400,000 Happy Users

Users love WP Reset for its power, ease of use, and friendly support.
Don’t take our word for it. See what users like you have to say.

Works like a charm, and FAST! No need to even read the instructions. I used this to test a demo importer for my premium theme and it was very clear and obvious how to use. Just the right amount of options to help me work fast without being too bloated. Great job!


I use it Regularly – Works Great! I use it regularly to reset WordPress to do new trainings on a fresh install. Options to delete plugins and themes is good to have within the plugin.


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$299 $149 /year

100 sites license
20 WPR Cloud Site Licenses
Over 25 tools
Snapshots & Auto Snapshots
Plugin & Themes collections
Emergency Recovery Script
WP Reset Dashboard
All features included
License Manager
White-Label Option

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$79 $39 /year

1 site license
1 WPR Cloud Site License
Over 25 tools
Snapshots & Auto Snapshots
Plugin & Themes collections
Emergency Recovery Script
WP Reset Dashboard
All features included
License Manager
White-Label Option

Buy Now

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
You are fully protected by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don’t like the plugin over the next 7 days, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.


I don’t get this plugin; explain it to me like I’m five
WP Reset is a time saving tool! If you spend most of your days in WP admin you’ll realize it fills a need you didn’t even know you had. There are no tools similar to it so the fastest way to see what it does is to see 5 things only WP Reset does. Video is short and has bookmarks so you can jump through it.
So it’s only for developers?

Absolutely not! The vast majority of our users are complete beginners. They use WP Reset to quickly test new themes and plugins, knowing they can always return the site to a previous state in seconds. And they use collections to install all of their free & premium plugins with one click.

Can I accidentally reset my site or delete something?

No, that’s not possible due to multiple fail-safe mechanisms. You have to confirm all destructive actions and even double-confirm the reset actions in two different ways.

Who’s this plugin for?

For everbody who builds sites using WordPress. Webmasters, agencies and individuals who find themselves installing, building and maintaining WordPress sites on a daily basis.

Can I move the licenses between sites?

Sure! Once you deactivate the plugin on a site, the license goes back into your license pool, and you can activate it on another site. This applies to cloud licenses as well via WP Reset Dashboard.

Where and how do I manage my licenses?

Purchases, sites and licenses are managed in the WP Reset Dashboard. It’s a central place where you can also manage snapshots and collections for all your sites.

Is WP Reset a backup plugin?

WP Reset does not replace conventional backup plugins. Instead, it works alongside them to provide better protection for your site. Watch this video for a more detailed explanation.

How does the PRO version compare to the free one?

Short answer – PRO version has three times more features than free one. Long answer – see the full comparison table.

What’s WP Reset Dashboard?

Dashboard allows you to control your licenses, sites, snapshots, collections and much more from one centralized location. It’s the SaaS part of WP Reset designed to save time when working with multiple sites by having access to everything WP Reset related in one place.

What’s WP Reset Cloud?

Cloud is where you safely keep your collections and snapshots. It’s a no-setup service designed specifically for WP Reset users that serves as a storage place that’s always available from the plugin and from the WP Reset dashboard.

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Latest Content From our WordPress Development & Plugin Business Blog

10 Technology Tips Your Business Should Implement in 2022

10 Technology Tips Your Business Should Implement in 2022

Finding a profitable service or product was once a prerequisite for starting a business. You cannot grow your small business in the modern world without using technology. Discover 10 tech tips for yourself and other small business owners as you continue reading.

Use Cloud and Backup All Your Data

Many small businesses are now using online data storage solutions instead of the internal servers that firms traditionally had to rely on to manage their data. Organizations can store all of their data on the cloud by using a dependable cloud-based app. This will enable team members to easily access data from anywhere. Cloud Data Even if you decide to use an internal server, backing up your data to the cloud offers more security in case your computer or server is damaged. Everything at the organization can be stored in the “cloud” using cloud software. For a variety of reasons, this can be beneficial for every business. For instance, businesses that require regular employee travel can allow access to all the files on the employee’s office PC from as far away as other continents.

Use Project Management Software

You’ll need a method of keeping track of your company’s projects whether you’re a solopreneur or already have a small team in place. If you have (or want to have) several employees, using project management software can help you streamline and organize your workflow. Management Software Teams can connect and exchange important information with the use of online project management tools like Trello and Asana.


There is no need to retain an internal workforce for every position in the economy of today. To reduce costs, consider outsourcing some work or projects. As your company moves through its many growth stages, outsourcing is a terrific approach to support it. Outsource Several of the biggest businesses in the world contract out portions of their work. You should strike a healthy balance between internal staff and external resources in order to maintain consistent growth and productivity. We’ll talk about how outsourcing can help your business in this piece.

Use Free Marketing Tools

While implementing your core skill is essential to the success of your firm, another critical stage is successfully promoting your enterprise. Fortunately, there are countless free digital marketing tools available and even some cool 3d modeling software, which can have a significant impact on your company. Make use of these resources to market your company without investing a lot of money. Marketing Tools

Use Social Media

Social media has evolved into a vital communication and marketing tool for small businesses. However, these media platforms are no longer just for sharing pictures with friends and family. It can be used to draw in new clients, turn them into leads, and keep in touch with current ones. By using social media to share promotions, you may further cultivate a great client experience and increase loyalty. There are several social networking sites to choose from, including Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Instead of trying to be on every network, concentrate on the one most closely match your target market. Social Media For instance, TikTok is more popular among younger users whereas Facebook is more popular with older users. To post across platforms and save time and effort, you can also use automated technologies.

QR Codes

Mobile devices can scan and interpret QR (Quick Response) Codes. This has been utilized by marketers in advertisements, publications, websites, and other marketing collateral. Through QR codes, users can easily receive more information about a product or service. QR Codes You can reach your customers with QR codes using their smartphones. They can be used for a variety of things, such as guiding clients to your website, delivering coupons, or supplying product information.

Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an old one? For small businesses, converting one-time purchases into devoted, recurring consumers is crucial. Programs that reward and encourage customer loyalty are a great way to keep your top clients coming back to you. Offer loyal clients discounts, free shipping, or even discounts on routine health checks. Get email lists for healthcare and locate trustworthy professionals. Compose your healthcare email lists, and start gathering your targeted group. Customer Care

Customer Care Is Important

Customers who put their time, effort, and money into a company are its lifeblood if there is such a thing. Therefore, it is crucial to treat these clients and investors with respect. Making ensuring customers are completely content with the services they are receiving from a specific firm should be a top concern. No matter how great the business concept is, if it does not offer the investors and users adequate customer service, it will fail in the long term. Thus, as was already indicated, this can be accomplished by a business owner taking advantage of social media. Make it a practice to communicate with your consumers and go over any issues or challenges they may be having with your firm. It’s crucial to have efficient customer relationship management. Therefore, in order to take care of these things, teams of individuals are frequently hired.

Search Engine Optimization Is a Must

The use of search engine optimization (SEO) makes it feasible for your website to show up as high in search engine results as possible. This may encourage more people to visit your website and lead to more purchases. SEO Tools In reality, just 36% of small firms have an SEO plan. To develop trust, generate leads, and increase return on investment for your company, it may be worthwhile to invest in search engine optimization.

Have a Mobile-friendly Website

Nowadays, most individuals use their mobile devices to access the internet. They might not be able to view your website properly if it is not mobile-friendly, which could result in missed purchases. Mobile Phone Approximately half of all visitors to your website are probably seeing it on a smartphone, even if the distribution of website traffic for individual websites will vary. Therefore, it’s no longer an option not to have a mobile-friendly website. You’ll lose a significant amount of your traffic if your site is not suitable for mobile devices.

How Technology May Benefit Your Company?

Successful firms across all industries now depend more and more on technology. Through social media and other digital marketing techniques, business owners can effortlessly engage with their customers and raise brand awareness. The proper technological solutions can also enable business owners to organize themselves and optimize their procedures. Things like these are essential for scalability. Besides so many benefits, product-based organizations can also make better use of technology to enhance customer and staff sales.

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How to Turn Blogging from a Side-hustle into a Real and Viable Business

How to Turn Blogging from a Side-hustle into a Real and Viable Business

Blogging can be insanely lucrative. Still, building a profitable blog requires hard work, dedication, and wits. Still, you must get some basics right from the get-go if you’re a part-time blogger looking to transition to full-time blogging and earn money while at it. This post explores how you can make a living blogging. We’ll start with putting some myths to rest.

Myth #1: Blogging is the Easiest Way to Create a ‘Passive Income’

Make no mistake about it; you can create a blog that passively earns you a pretty penny. On the flip side, monetizing a blog isn’t passive or easy. You’ll have to put in lots of work hours and grind to get there. Is it worth it? Yes, 100%. The point is that you shouldn’t start a blog thinking that you work “less” than your regular day job. Well, you might, eventually, but only if you work hard enough, especially during the first few months. Blog Writing

Myth #2: There’s Only Blogging One Formula That Works

You must have come across many blog posts and courses teaching how to start a blog. The truth is, you can rely on ONE article formula and hope to succeed. You must be ready to experiment and test different strategies to determine what works for your target audience and their niche. The best bloggers are open to learning new things. To generate “enough” month after month with your blog, you must stay in the loop on what’s working and what’s not. It doesn’t hurt to look at what other bloggers are doing for some inspiration.

Myth #3: You Must Have a “Big” Blog to Make Living Blogging

Sure, drawing millions of visitors to your blog feels great. However, it isn’t a prerequisite to making money. You can generate a decent income even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of people trooping to your website. We’ll talk more about this in a short while. Blog Text

Myth #4: Blogging is Dead

Some people like to argue that blogging is no longer viable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, blogging isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago. But, the potential to earn money blogging is massive. Consider the following figures:
  • PerezHilton generates $41.3 million per year
  • Moz generates $44.9 million per year
  • HuffPost generates about $500 million per year
And thousands of other bloggers raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. We’ve established that, indeed, you can make money blogging, so there shouldn’t be any reason not to do it full-time. The next question becomes.

How Can You Make a Living Blogging on Your Blog in 2022 and into the Future?

You can leverage many strategies to LEGITIMATELY make a living as a full-time blogger in 2022 and beyond. These include:

Brand/ Agency Partnerships

Most new bloggers start making money online by collaborating with brands. As your traffic grows, you can work with advertisers who’ll pay to place their products or services in front of your audience. Blog Screen Brand/ agency partnerships can take several forms, including:

Display Ads

As the name suggests, this monetization strategy involves getting paid to allow brands to display ads on your website, for instance, on the sidebar. Think of how magazines and newspapers sell ad space to advertisers. The easiest way to get started with display ads is to sign up to an ad network like Google AdSense. You sign-up for premium networks like AdThrive and Mediavine, which pay more if you attract a sizable audience. One thing, though — manage your expectations with display ads. It can be challenging to generate a decent income from displaying ads ONLY. If your blog isn’t generating enough traffic, you’ll not earn much or be eligible to sign-up for higher-paying ad networks. Speaking of high-paying earnings, you can use this Google AdSense calculator to estimate your earnings.

Brand Sponsorships

Many brands and companies have marketing teams regularly looking for bloggers with a strong relationship with their target audience. These teams may reach out to you for a sponsored post opportunity. You’ll then get paid to promote their products or service on your blog. You can, for instance, write a product review for the product or feature the item in your native content. And if you prove valuable, the brand might engage your blog in a longer-term partnership. The beauty of this is that brand ambassadorship pays handsomely. You only need to ensure that your brands align with your brand. Blog Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. For starters, affiliate marketing involves recommending a product or service to your audience. You’ll then get paid a pre-agreed percentage commission of the sale when a customer buys the product or service through your referral link. Affiliate marketing pays A LOT more than display ads. How do you start? Look for high-paying affiliate marketing programs to promote. Then, sign up for one that best fits your niche. Alternatively, you can simply type “niche + affiliate program” to view some of the affiliate programs you can join depending on your blog niche. We’ve established how you can make a living as a full-time blogger. Still, you need to grow your traffic to generate income, which is our next point of discussion.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic in 2022

Traffic As stated, how much you can earn with affiliate marketing and brand partnership primarily depends on how well you drive quality traffic to your website. Here’s how:

Build Your Social Presence

Hang out on platforms where your readers are and participate actively. You can engage your followers by leaving comments on forums, social media, and blogs. Also, answer any questions your audience may have. Simply make yourself useful to your readers. After all, getting people to visit and engage with your website makes you visible. Social Media

Write High-quality Content

High-quality content that helps your audience solve their pain points can drive people to your website. On top of that, you update your content regularly to give your audience a reason to keep coming back to your website. How often should you update the content on your website? According to HubSpot, you should target to publish three to four times per week if you run a small blog. News and larger websites should publish four to five posts per week. Sure, that may sound like a lot of content, but you can leverage a writing tool to help you generate high-quality content quickly.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is an effective strategy to introduce your blog to a wider audience. It also introduces your website to new readers. Other benefits of spreading your content across the internet include:
  • It helps funnel traffic back to your website
  • It enables you to expand your brand’s visibility and reach
  • You can attract more qualified leads — which is good, especially if you’re monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing.
  • When implemented correctly, guest posting can be a stepping stone to boosting your website’s profitability and popularity.
Pro Tip: Consider promoting your guest posts extensively on your social media profile. Think of it as a strategy to notify your current audience of the new content so they can share it with their networks. Woman typing on laptop

Leverage SEO Tools

People will keep coming back if you create high-quality content that solves problems. Learning search engine optimization (SEO) and the tools can help you discover keywords your audience is searching for. That way, you can create content that addresses your reader’s needs. Other SEO basics you can learn to help grow your traffic include:
  • How search engines work
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • On-page and technical SEO
  • Backlinks and link-building
SEO Tools

The Bottom Line

It’s not too late to transition from part-time to full-time blogging. All you need to do is to have a strategy for how to do it. The key here is to keep learning and being patient. It’ll take some time before you can double or triple your earnings. With the right niche, perseverance, and strategy, it’s only a matter of time before you turn your blog into a thriving business. To your success!

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What Is Mobile Reporting in Construction?

What Is Mobile Reporting in Construction?

It is difficult to imagine at least one of the present-day market niches without digital approaches today. The same story is about construction. There are many win-win strategies that are worth the attention of modern contractors. High-quality software and hardware make a difference when it comes to the accuracy of calculations, measurements, and estimates in the building. Additionally, robotized and digitized on-site processes are undertaken faster and without the risk of human-factor errors. Contractor One more way to optimize your workflows if you are a result-driven and ambitious contractor is to improve communication channels with all the parties.Online subcontractor estimating software will come in handy if you are willing to attract independent specialists to the construction projects. Better monitoring, management, and operational speed are guaranteed. One more digital-friendly approach in construction today is mobile reporting. Most contractors know that there are many reports from their dedicated team of workers every day. Sometimes it is critically important to check different showings on the go. For this purpose, mobile reporting is used.

Benefits of Mobile Reporting for Construction

First of all, this is a fast and almost flexible way to get any data entries from the report. All the parties who obtain access to the spreadsheets or any other reporting materials can use the new-gen mobile option for their comfort and improved communication. Among other benefits of such remote and on-the-go reporting are:
  1. This is an alternative solution for all the reporting tasks. IT is a digital-friendly way to get, comment, and approve reports from various construction departments at once.
  2. Remote discussion of the items is possible. Even if you are from each other, all the parties can easily participate in the negotiation processes.
  3. Mobile reporting is applicable both for on-site and off-site works. The level of communication is increased automatically due to the round-the-clock access to all the data entries, commenting, and suggestion properties.
Additionally, mobile reporting is 100% compilable with other digital solutions. For example, bidding software, cloud databases, and various management programs together with mobile-friendly options for faster and better reports will come in handy for workflow optimizations. Mobile Report That is why more and more contractors decide on the implementation of mobile reporting tools and see the first visible results the same day. The most significant achievement in the context of improved communication and reporting properties that can take place as soon as possible is the reduced paperwork.

What Transformations to Expect with Mobile Reporting?

Better collaborations are expected at the very beginning. It means that you can count on immediate reactions from your team members right after the first comment or suggestion. All the questions concerning your estimating reports can be answered remotely and with the help of pocket screens. It means that all the spreadsheets and tables required for your building, management, and bidding procedures are available via any gadgets and portable devices. Your estimators can have a dialog about reports through the cell phone while some on-site workers can use tablets to have a conversation about some issues. Mobile Engineer Additionally, more and more building stages will be under your control. Exceptional sustainability and cost-effectiveness of construction stages also take place. Remember that all the paperless reports can be easily changed, updated, and sent back via several clicks. It is recommended to count on the mobile reporting option in the context of all the software required for your company. It means that all the calculations, measurements, estimating results, and bid invites should be saved with the opportunity of remote access and changes via responsible parties. Sometimes it is necessary to update anything immediately, far from the office PC. That is why mobile reporting can become a true lifesaver for most contractors. Especially if the company is interested in scaling up and increasing its dedicated team.

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Plugins & Themes Collections - The Ultimate Time Saver

Every new site you build comes with the same tedious job - install and update all your favorite plugins. Some are on the WP repo, some are pro, so you have them in ZIPs. Then you have to activate them, enter license keys, and make sure they are all updated. It can easily take half an hour to install 10 plugins. With WP Reset's collections, installing 10 plugins is one click and a few minutes of waiting!

  • create as many collections as you need
  • once created a collection can be used on any site since it's saved in the cloud
  • every collection has unlimited plugins and themes
  • you can add plugins and themes from WP repository and from ZIP files
  • license keys can be saved safely&securely in collections, so you don't have to look for them (don't worry, we keep them encrypted!)
  • collections can be installed any time - on fresh sites or after resetting a site

Snapshots - Your Personal Time Machine

We all like clicking the update button and testing things on live sites. In most cases, it goes well. But what if things don't work out? How can you undo that update? You can't! Unless you have WP Reset, which automatically creates a snapshot (like Windows restore point) before you make big changes on your site! How do you restore a snapshot? You click "restore" and wait for a few seconds. Yes, it's that simple.

  • WP Reset automatically creates snapshots before plugin updates, activations, deactivations and other important changes you make on the site
  • create snapshots from any WP admin page in seconds
  • it saves the whole database and the plugin/theme files that were changed
  • you can create as many snapshots as you need at any point before making changes to the site
  • restoring a snapshot takes one click
  • typical snapshot takes only 3MB of space on your hosting account
  • old snapshots are automatically deleted, so they don't take up space
  • snapshots can be offloaded to WP Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and Cloud for save keeping and to save space on the server

Emergency Recovery Tool - Your Personal WP Superhero

You can't log in, but you know the username and password? The site doesn't work, admin doesn't work. All you see is a white screen? Are you in full panic mode? Don't be. We've all been there. WP Reset's Emergency Recovery tool is a standalone script that is completely independent of any WP files and always works. Open it via a secure link, and it'll help you get the site up&running in no time. Here's what the tool offers:

  • disable/enable selected (or all) plugins
  • disable current theme
  • check all core files to see if some are missing or damaged and restore them
  • create a new admin user without logging in
  • repair user privileges
  • edit site and WP address

Cleaning Tools

Nobody likes a messy site, but cleaning out data left by theme and plugin demos can take hours. WP Reset offers various tools that will remove all that junk with a single click, and leave the data you need intact. Here's a look at our cleaning tools:

  • delete transients
  • delete any content type - posts, pages, menus, custom post types, revisions, ...
  • delete local data - cookies and local storage
  • purge cache in all plugins
  • delete widgets
  • clean uploads folder
  • reset theme options
  • reset user roles
  • delete themes
  • delete plugins (with extra support for MU plugins and drop-ins)
  • delete or empty selected custom tables
  • delete htaccess file

Nuclear Site Reset - Sometimes Starting From Zero is Best

You've spent half a day finding the right plugin or theme, and now that you finally have it, it's time to build the site. But, before you do you need to clean it from all the junk that's left behind. Hit "nuclear reset" and in 30 seconds, your site will be cleaner than a fresh installation! WP Reset will remove everything, all the junk from the database, all plugins, themes, whole wp-uploads folder - everything leaving you with a fresh installation and your current user account.

Switch WordPress Version

Your hosting company is pressuring you to switch to the latest version of WP and they updated without asking you? Not a problem! Pick the version you want, click "switch version" and you're done, it's that simple. Feel free to test fresh beta versions too - you can always go back.

White Label Option

If you are working with clients, you don't have to show them the details about WebFactory, the developer of this plugin. Simply turn on the Whitelabel Option, and all our logos and links from the plugin will disappear.

It also hides the license tab from your client, so they won't be able to access the license information and mess with it.

Automatic Snapshots

If you are ready to give up a portion of control and delegate it to WP Reset, you can end up having a semi-autonomous environment that takes care of you & your site. Let the plugin automatically store snapshots to the cloud, so you can be safe all the time.

Just in case something goes wrong, or you realize that you shouldn't have done something that messed up your entire site, WP Reset would be able to save your b*** by having a snapshot automatically created. Whether it's a snapshot created before an important update, installation, or it's been done after a specific period of time has passed, you'll love the fact you can always revert back to a safe & working state of the website you had earlier.

Still, whenever you decide to create a manual snapshot, you just have to click a button.
Automatic Snapshots settings

The Cloud

Clouds are everywhere 😊 and that's why we store WP Reset's snapshots & collections in the cloud, so you don't have to rely only on your hosting, so you're sure there's a backup available, and that you can access your snapshots and collections from every site!

Every WP Reset PRO user gets to use Dropbox, Cloud, and Google Drive, where they can easily connect and offload those snapshots & collections. But if you want a specialized no-setup-solution, you can sign up for our cloud service, meaning everything will be automatic and controlled by WebFactory, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

WP Reset Dashboard

Do you have multiple websites that you manage and where you need the help of WP Reset? If so, the WP Reset Dashboard is where you'll be able to control all your websites, collections & snapshots. It's a feature you won't be able to live without!

Instead of configuring numerous collections for each site or losing time to track down a specific snapshot from each and every site separately, save some time by doing all the important work from just one spot.

Premium Support

If you need help with anything, we got your back!

We do not outsource support, meaning that you will be talking directly to the WebFactory team who has been working on the plugin from the very beginning. All our colleagues work with WP Reset on a daily basis and will be able to help you with anything you need. But just in case the problem gets bigger, you can stop worrying because the developers who actually spent months coding the plugin are here to help and you will be able to talk to them directly!

Continuous Developemt

The WebFactory team has been working on WP Reset for more than two years. After so many time spent with the plugin, we can proudly say that there are more than 200,000 active users who use & love WP Reset!

All the support has given us wind in the back, and we are now even more eager to continue working on both the free & PRO versions of the plugin. This means we will constantly keep improving the plugin and do our best to make it the best reset plugin for WordPress all the time.

Continuos Developemt