WordPress Development Tool Built by Developers for Developers

Speed up plugin & theme coding, testing & debugging by resetting & restoring the WordPress environment with one click

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WordPress Development Tool Built by Developers for Developers

No bloat; just the tools you need to develop faster

We use WP Reset every day to develop, debug and maintain dozens of WordPress themes & plugins. We only add features that are needed to get the job done.

One Click Site Reset

It’s as easy and as fast as it sounds. Whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation just click “reset” & wait a few seconds.

WP-CLI Compatible

You’re more of a typing than clicking guy? We have you covered! WP Reset is 100% WP-CLI compatible which makes it even faster to work with.


No outsourced nonsense. When you need help you’ll get it from the people who built the plugin and use it every day.

Post-Reset Setup

No need to manually set options or reactivate plugins & themes. WP Reset will reconfigure your environment just the way you want it.

Database Snapshots

Have some demo data or custom tables that you need for testing? No sweat. Just restore your installation to the selected snapshot.
In development

Database Diff Viewer

Not sure what that pesky plugin changed in your database? Find out with one click and get a visual representation of the data.
In development

Join over 50,000+ developers that save time by using WP Reset

Just search for “WP Reset” in your admin “Add New Plugin” screen, or click the download button below.

Download from wp.org


You have questions we have answers.

Can I accidentally reset my site?

No, that’s not possible due to multiple fail-safe mechanisms. You have to confirm the reset action in several different ways.

Will resetting modify any files?

No. Resetting does not modify or delete any files; core, plugin, theme or uploaded ones.

Will resetting delete my custom database tables?

It depends. WP Reset will erase (drop) all tables that have the same table prefix as defined in wp-config.php. That includes any custom tables you have. It will not delete any other tables in the active database.

Will active plugins be automatically reactivated?

No. At the moment only WP Reset will be reactivated after resetting. We’re working on options to reactivate other plugins too.

Will my theme be reactivated after resetting?

No. Default, 2017 theme will be activated. We’re working on options to reactivate the previously active theme.

Is this plugin dangerous?

In the sense that it will delete all of your data after you confirm the action three times – yes. In the sense that it’ll do something on its own – no.

Is it WP-MU compatible?

WP-MU compatibility hasn’t been properly tested although we have reports from users that everything is OK. So, please, proceed with caution.

I don’t understand the point of this plugin

If you don’t develop themes, plugins or create WP sites in general, then you probably don’t need it. If you do, it’ll help you when things get messy, and you need to start from scratch.

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