Video blogging, often known as vlogging, is one of the most effective methods used for interacting with audiences and promoting your profile or website on the Internet.

Especially if compared to the commonly used textual counterparts: it allows not just to promote the content introduced there but also add the visual element as well.

In this article, we’ll cover how to successfully set up vlogging on a WordPress website and how this website builder can help to enhance audience engagement, create an active community and build your career as a vlogger.

How to Start Vlogging on WordPress: 5 Steps

First of all, let’s find out how to successfully get started in vlogging: what aspects should you consider before filming your first videos, the specific vlogging equipment you’ll surely want to make use of, and some other great practices of building a powerful strategy for your website development.

#1 Get the Proper Vlogging Equipment

Of course, you don’t need to buy tons of different equipment for your vlogging kit to get started, especially if you’re new to the video production field. Nevertheless, to get the best value for money before the purchase, it’s recommended to do brief research of what equipment you really need on the very first try of vlogging shot.

Camera and microphone

Some of the most important things vloggers use for the content creation process include:

  • A powerful laptop – to edit and render different raw files and work with multiple formats.
  • Decent editing software – impacts the quality of your vlogging outcome and can help you to format your content to look authentic and extremely engaging.
  • Great camera – for the first few tries, it’s more than enough to film the materials on your smartphone camera. But in the long run, you’ll surely want a full HD recorder that can capture high-quality shots for your vlogging content.
  • High-quality microphone – has a huge impact on the sound of your video and is not the least important aspect to pay attention to: even with the perfect picture on the screen, you’ll get low engagement rates with poor audio quality.

Basically, it’s more than enough to get started filming your first videos for a WordPress vlog. While filming, you’ll notice what other equipment you should additionally get to improve your videos.

#2 Set Up WordPress Platform

One of the easiest and most straightforward steps to complete is to set up the WP platform for vlogging. You’ll have a choice to self-host or use the WordPress system for hosting, or else use some other popular hosting services like free hosting for students.

Then, it’s time to build a rudimentary site on WordPress, install all the necessary plugins and WP themes, yet consider your website’s structure and navigation to make it simple and easy-to-use for its visitors.

#3 Plan & Schedule Your Content

Then, think over the niche you’re going to focus your videos on and the target audience that is likely to get interested in your content. Probably, that can be a specific hobby or field you have expertise in, the daily routine, DIYs, or how-to videos – all these scopes feature really great engagement rates on different video platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and many others.

Weekly planner on table

Also, don’t overlook planning the content schedule: how often you’d like to take your content to live, what days and time should you better post vlogs – this information is easy to get from the website analytics + multiple engagement testing methods (for better performance).

#4 Pay Attention to Video Filming and Editing

As we’ve discussed above, the video editing process is an essential part of any video production, as it helps to create a single story from hundreds of different cuts, add some charm and make your content stand out from others.

For this purpose, you can get inspired by different YouTube videos and the authors that work in the same or similar niche, as well as consider adding your personal touches to make your formatting unique and memorable for your audience.

To make sure you’re getting the most from video editing, look for software with a functional, user-friendly interface that has a wide range of different editing tools.

Luckily, there are some great free video editing software options you can give a shot at before upgrading to the pro version.

#5 Consider the YouTube Channel Setup

Apart from a website, vlog cameras, and editing equipment, you’d also want to make sure your content can be easily added and reviewed from multiple sources. The YouTube platform is the right place to host your videos for a WordPress website.

YouTube left hand side menu

After you create a personal account on YouTube, you can easily leave a link to your website and vice versa to your YouTube channel and upload your first content to it. Additionally, being also a great social platform, YouTube is a great source of social media traffic, which makes it even more valuable for developing your vlog.

5 Major Benefits of Running Your Vlog on WordPress

  • Easy to get started and maintain: this website builder features hundreds of different WordPress themes for vlogs, so you can set up your own vlogging site in less than an hour!
  • Convenient interface for content management: you can effortlessly create, schedule, post, and update your vlogging content with the user-friendly, intuitive WP admin panel.
  • Available for everyone: even with no experience in web development, users can easily create the website they want with the fully customizable system with thousands of useful plugins and theme systems in it.
  • Large Community: if you ever have any questions or troubles with any aspect of the CMS use, there will surely be lots of people you can turn to for answers.
  • Website scalability: unlike the other counterparts, you won’t experience any troubles with the WordPress site management at all, no matter how much traffic your website generates.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, building authentic, engaging content for your vlog requires lots of hard work. However, having invested lots of effort into the video creation and vlog development will definitely result in obtaining your loyal audience and some extra money from its monetization.

Moreover, running your own vlog can help to develop a wide range of different skills in video editing and production, as well as gain some experience in Internet marketing scope.

With this said, it’s never been a better time to finally take action: create your first site on WordPress and start your own vlogging adventure right away!

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