Often, things don’t get done due to the lack of organization in a person. You do not want mistakes like that happening when it comes to your business. Especially, in this case, the smallest mistake gets made, and it costs you tons of money, effort, and time.


It is not all fun and games, maintaining a business, and creating content that will both bring in more possible customers, but also keep the ones you already have. For his reason, you do not have inspiration all the time, and the ideas that you come up with are super valuable. You want every good idea to see the day of light, and your visitors enjoy it. And for this, you need good organization. The WordPress ChatGPT plugin not only helps bloggers and content creators generate new ideas and content, but also makes it easier to organize and manage their existing content, ensuring that it remains accessible and engaging for their readers.

We are writing this article in hopes of every person struggling with this topic finding it. We want to present you with a really cool tool that will greatly help you to deal with this “problem”.

The name of this tool is ContextMinds. the tool is made for people to organize their ideas in the easiest way possible. It is proven that visuals make more of an impact on our brain than just simple plain text, the tool was built in a way of using all kinds of visuals to help its users stay organized.

The tool functions in a way of a whiteboard, on which all of your ideas are put together, and you are able to organize them into groups, maps, and so on. The tool also has AI in case you want to get some topics generated by it or get some keywords that are relevant to the content you are creating. Once you do get the suggestions, you can drag and drop them super easily onto your whiteboard, where all of your ideas are located.

Working in a team can be a bit complicated, especially when the number is bigger. The key to this is communication and of course organization. ContextMind has come prepared. It allows you to share a link to your whiteboard with all of your teammates, so all of them are also up to date with everything that is going on, and all of the ideas that you might come across. If you would like another way of exchanging data with your teammates, you can always export your whiteboard as a PDF, PNG, a simple text document, or so on.

The tool saves and remembers everything you create. This way, nothing can get lost or forgotten. It really does keep every single thing that might be significant to you, and that you might find useful one day.

There are three price plans, mostly differing in the number of internal users, the number of topics and keyword lookups, and AI article suggestions per month. It is on you to decide which plan will better serve you, and your business.


This is a super helpful tool, for anyone who is struggling even the slightest with their organization, and just wants to make the most out of their day. The tool really does have every possible feature that might help you, but both your teammates are more organized, and in final perform better.

We hope that the tool looks intriguing enough to you, and we can guarantee that it will be of great use. It really is the best possible tool for organization that we have come across.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and that you will take a closer look at their site, in case you require any additional information.

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