The buzzwords like “make money on the internet” and “passive income” can be trailed back to the ancient days of the internet when people were far more naive and not as internet savvy as they are today. In this day and age, the majority have broken through the rosy images of a laidback lifestyle with cash trickling down to your bank account and understand that, although earning money online is very much a possibility, it still does require you to work for it.

There is no shortage of them, ranging from affiliate marketing, online shops, dropshipping to the bottom of the barrel task distribution websites. All of those have their merits provided you have diligence and power of will to pull through. This is also something to keep in mind – there is no free money on the internet. And as in every sector of life, to make something out of nothing requires quite a bit of effort and online money-making is no exception.

The very first advice I would give to blogging beginners is to temper down initial expectations a tad bit. It doesn’t mean that you should relinquish having far-reaching goals or valiant ambitions. On the contrary, it is advisable to have those as guiding stars of the journey ahead. The point is to not mistake and blind yourself with them.

How Does One Go About Monetizing a Blog

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Today we will look into the most popular way people make money on the internet – blogs. Let’s start by scrutinizing the best 2020 strategies of how people monetize their blogs.

Blog monetizing guides come in different ways that are, to no extent, mutually exclusive. More than that, I strongly advise pursuing at the very least a couple of monetizing strategies both for diversification’s sake and simply because it is more lucrative that way.

  • Ads are everywhere, and there is a reason for that, ads make up a big chunk of revenue of a website. Whether blog or not, ads are an essential part of making money on the internet. Most ads work by the PPC system or Pay Per Click. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad, you, the website host, get a penny in return. Although one click doesn’t earn you much, with enough audience base, you can expect this number to stack up to a considerable sum. Types of PPC ads also differ quite substantially. There are the notorious Google Ads; you can also opt for Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Bing ads. Depending on the goals, you can mix and match different ad platforms for a better overall result.

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  • Affiliate marketing. An affiliate link is by far one of the reigning champions in terms of their conversion rate and revenue. What affiliates seek is product placement. They are looking for an additional funnel to sell their product or service. This is where your blog comes in. After you agreed on the basic terms of the deal and content or page they will put their links on – you are all set. Now, what you need to keep in mind here going forward is to look closely at the niche that this product fits in. If your blog focuses entirely on the recipes and art of cooking, you are less likely to glean any profit from faucet affiliates. With affiliate marketing, you can also create different content in tune with the product, encouraging people to click the link and buy it. Don’t overdo this option, though, and be sure to mention that the content is sponsored to avoid any unwanted repercussions in the future.
  • Selling tangible or intangible products or services. If you think that you can expand beyond just writing a blog and provide people with actual products or services, don’t hesitate to capitalize on that. Sell an EBook with a unique perspective on the subject or create a mug that depicts some inside joke that only blog readers know, do not confine yourself into an imaginary walled prison and exploit every method there is to get to the top. Or you can even start a web scraping business and make money with web scraping. Let your creativity do its job and have fun with the process.

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  • Email marketing. Getting your users to subscribe to a newsletter is a great way not only to increase the engagement but also to make additional revenue at the same time. The significant obstacle here is to devise a way that actually rewards users for subscribing. A little something that gives enough of an impetus like a shortlist of recipes or supplemental material. Now that you have a foundation, you can start to send out a drip campaign either with affiliate propositions, new discounts in your shop, or recently published posts. The crux of email marketing is to make a reader peruse your send-outs. Make it enticing, readable, and short. Put just enough imagery but not too much and try to relay the information succinctly.

All of the methods mentioned above require a base audience to pan out, which means that they might not be as useful for absolute beginners. To advance on our journey to monetization, we first need to set some initial traction in motion.

Guest Posting – What Makes It Special

This is why guest posting deserves special mention. Guest posts are quite a universal way that many beginners implement in order to gain that so-much needed initial momentum. What makes guest blogging so inviting is the notion of promoting your blog on the website with decent traffic, coupled with the fact that guest posts matter-of-factly do not require extensive knowledge of marketing or any other expertise.

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The problem is to find a website that will be ready to accept guest posting while also making sure that niches are at least tangentially similar.

Manually looking for opportunities, lurking on various websites waiting for that very opportunity to come up is, probably, not what the majority of people imagined about blogging. It doesn’t bear any merit for a beginner to engage him/herself in this menial task of rummaging through internet debris. What can be done then to eviscerate this problem altogether?

Adsy and How to Solve The Biggest Issue With Guest Posting

Adsy is an SEO agency that facilitates the blossoming of newly created blogs by providing a wide array of expertly delivered, tried-and-tested methods that will do wonders for your blog’s exposure. Specifically, guest posting on the best blog platforms for monetization is Adsy’s forte.

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The main moot issue with guest posting, as described above, is the annoyance of trying to find fitting guest posting opportunities. Adsy makes this process non-existing by providing an automated and easily digestible system of picking whatever platform you want to guest post on out of the extensive list of available platforms. With guest posting, you should be particularly stoic about the platform. The platform you will choose to post on will determine the outcome and quality of traffic you garner.

Adsy takes a thorough approach in selecting only websites with DA40+. It means that every backlink you get from Adsy’s collection will be giving you an authoritative and quality backlink.

This will help to skyrocket your SEO game to unbelievable heights since the more authoritative a backlink is, the more effect you get out of it.

The most crucial point in guest posting is to ensure that a platform you post on has a relevant audience group. Finding such opportunities will prove quite tiresome. Most of the manually selected platforms might not readily agree or, with a bigger traffic website, even take liberty in sifting you out at will. This is why Adsy is committed to bringing transparency and fairness between a website host and a blogger. Add to that a Quality of Life improvement, and there is no excuse not to use Adsy as a main guest posting service.

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A strong referral program is also one of the suites of Adsy. With Adsy’s referral program, you can get up to 35% commission from your referrals, setting up an additional revenue stream that does not require an active partake on your side. You can enjoy a steady passive income by sharing the link on multiple channels and receiving your commission for each one. The integration of referral software automates and simplifies the management of your referral process, ensuring efficient tracking and optimization of your earnings. Track your referral success every step of the way with Earnings Tracking statistics directly through Adsy. Assess and evaluate how your referrals are doing both in terms of revenue and engagement.


Many ambitious bloggers encounter similar problems when starting their voyage in the uncharted territories of internet marketing. At this very first stage, the majority of fledglings decide to give up on the idea simply because they don’t see a monetizing opportunity they can tap in early on.

Although all of the discussed methods are great in terms of their efficacy, they do not give any result unless you already boast steady traffic. Understandably, people want to see some movement at the beginning, to see that, indeed, there is potential.

That’s what guest posting is ideal for. It is a perfect strategy to kickstart not only the vapid statistics for show but also motivation that is so needed going forward. What deters most people from trying out blogging is not the lack of ideas or topics to write about but the notion of wasting time on something that doesn’t bring anything of value and is, therefore, not rewarding to plow further.

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