It’s an exciting time for your business. You now have that new website you wish to launch. With all the new graphics and copywriting in place, all that’s left to do is to share your brand new website with the world.

Effective communication is key here. To announce your new website, you need something that captures attention and stirs excitement. What better way to do this than with a website announcement email?

In this read, we dive into why these emails are important and discuss the unbeatable benefits they offer. We’ll also show you how to craft an effective email for your website launch.

What Are The Benefits of Crafting and Sending a New Website Launch Email

But why should you create and send an email like the one below in the first place?

New Website Launch Email


Here are specific reasons why this type of email about your coming soon pages is worth it:

  • Accessibility: With a great web announcement email you get to reach people where they spend a lot of their time—their inbox. Unlike social media, where algorithms dictate visibility, emails sit patiently in inboxes, waiting to be opened at the recipient’s convenience.
  • Opt-in audience: One of the biggest advantages of using emails is that they are sent to an audience that has already shown interest in your brand by subscribing. So, with this type of digital marketing, you’re not shooting in the dark. Your targeted communication reaches people who are more likely to engage with your content.
  • Flexible timing: Timing is everything in marketing, and emails give you the flexibility to choose the best moment to connect with your audience. By analyzing when your customer base is most likely to open emails, you can optimize your send times for maximum impact.
  • Trackable performance: Email marketing platforms offer powerful features to track how your business announcement is performing. From open rates to click-throughs, you can see exactly how engaging your email is and quickly make adjustments if needed. This ensures you can refine your approach and boost the effectiveness of future communications.

Crafting emails with exciting announcements is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with your target audience.

Why Announce Your Website Launch?

Now here’s the next question: “Why make a fuss over launching a new website in the first place?” Well, announcing your website is a way of letting people know it exists. An exciting announcement can generate buzz and get people talking. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase the site’s cool new features, whether it’s the fastest web hosting you now use or the site’s even sleeker design and improved user experience.

The first few days after the official launch are critical, and an announcement email plays a key role in driving your audience to visit your coming soon pages. You can inform your audience about how they can benefit from the new website. So, you can expect people to drop by, see your hard work, and celebrate the launch with you.

Early traffic from your announcement can, in turn, boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines take notice when a website attracts a lot of visitors, which can help improve your site’s visibility and ranking. Launching a website without an announcement might mean missing out on these benefits.

Finally, by announcing your new website, you can reinforce your brand’s online presence. A well-crafted announcement invites interaction on other channels, not necessarily just on the website and your email. For example, you can get feedback on the new design and inquiries about services on social media, apart from social media shares. Engaging your audience like that from the start can foster valuable long-term relationships.

Overall, announcing your website launch via email can help you achieve, not just your marketing goals, but also your larger business objectives. For the best results, though, leverage other channels apart from email to spread the good word and generate some excitement.

Post teasers and behind-the-scenes content about your upcoming website launch on your social media platforms, for example.

You can also partner with a good PR agency that can create and distribute good press releases the media will pick up. Just make sure you partner with an agency that caters to clients in your niche. Why is that important? Well, a PR agency that specializes in your niche will have the specific expertise and media contacts you need to reach your target audience. If you’re running a restaurant business, a reputable food PR agency will know exactly how to structure PR content announcing your website for it to get the attention of relevant editorial gatekeepers. At the same time, it will have the right media contacts—food publications and channels, food influencers–-and it can distribute the PR content.

How to Write an Engaging Email to Announce Your New Website

Now that you know all the whys, let’s focus on the hows. Here are key actionable tactics for preparing an engaging email that announces your new website and sending it:

1. Grow Your Email List

Before you can dazzle your audience with the news of your new website, you need email subscribers. Growing your email list is the first crucial step in ensuring that your website announcement email reaches a wide and interested audience. Here’s how you can expand your list effectively:

  • Offer incentives: People love getting something valuable in return for their contact information. Consider offering a discount code, free download, or exclusive content in exchange for contact details. The incentive not only boosts your list size but also starts the relationship on a positive note.
  • Use engaging sign-up forms: Create sign-up forms that are as enticing as they are easy to complete. Keep the form simple, the language inviting, and, if possible, give a sneak peek of the type of content they can expect in their inbox.
  • Promote your sign-up across channels: Don’t put your sign-up form in just one place. Promote it on multiple platforms—your old website, during webinars, at the end of blog posts, your email signature, and your social media (see below). The more touchpoints, the more sign-ups. Additionally, consider leveraging your customer support call centers to inform existing customers about the new website and encourage them to subscribe to stay updated.

newsletter post


You can also promote your sign-up forms offline. Use digital business card software to create an electronic card with two-way contact sharing for distribution to an industry conference and networking event attendees. With the card, you can easily collect important email addresses to add to your email list. You can even export your new contacts to your CRM software for ease of managing subsequent email interactions.

2. Think about What You Want to Say

Craft your website announcement email with care and following a strategy. Remember, you only get to do it once! So before you even start typing, take a step back and plan what you want to communicate.

Identify the most important aspects of the new website you want to highlight. Is it the complete redesign? Is it better functionality? Decide what will appeal most to your audience and make a plan to ensure these points are front and center in your email.

Specify in your plan how to make your message concise without overwhelming your audience with too much information. A clear, focused email is more effective than one that tries to say too much.

Another important element to consider is your email subject line. It’s the first thing your recipients will see, so make it count. It should be engaging enough to make everyone want to open the email. In your plan, consider incorporating the use of AI templates of tools like Writer to help you craft subject lines that drive results. When it’s time to write, you just need to paste your email body and the tool will suggest relevant subject lines you can use.

Finally, think about what call-to-action/s to use in your email. These will depend on your website announcement email’s primary goal/s. We’ll discuss these in the next section.

3. Make Sure Your Announcement Has Clear Goal/s

Every effective website announcement email has clear and actionable goal/s. What is the purpose of your email? Apart from driving traffic to your new site, maybe you want to encourage social shares or highlight a new product feature. Your goal/s will directly influence your email content.

For instance, if the goal is to only drive website visits, include a prominent, clickable button with the text “Visit Now” or “Explore Our New Site” or similar text (see below):



If you want them to share the good news on social media as well, you’ll include social sharing icons as in the email above as well.

Make the desired actions unmistakable and easy to take. Ensure every element of the email is also designed to support your aim/s.

Set up metrics to track whether your email achieves its intended purpose. This could include click rates, website traffic from the email, and social shares, among others. When you monitor your set metrics, you won’t only know whether or not you’ve met your email goal/s. You’ll also have the valuable insights you need to refine future email campaigns.

4. Connect with Your Readers’ Emotions

Creating an emotional connection with your target audience can significantly enhance the impact of your website announcement email. When your message resonates on a personal level, recipients are more likely to engage and respond. Here’s how you can forge that connection:

  • Tell a story: People love stories—they’re relatable and memorable. Share the journey of your new website’s creation. Maybe it’s the challenges you overcame or the aspirations that drove the redesign. A story can give your announcement that “heart factor” that mere facts simply can’t give.
  • Highlight benefits, not just features: Instead of focusing solely on what’s new, explain why it matters to your audience. How does your new website make their life easier, more enjoyable, or better? This shifts the focus from the technical aspects they might not understand to the personal benefits they’ll most likely appreciate more.
  • Use emotional triggers: Words can evoke emotions that drive action. Use powerful, positive language to stir excitement, happiness, or even relief, if your new website solves a problem. Phrases like “we’re thrilled to share,” or “we’re excited to welcome you” can set an uplifting tone.
  • Incorporate user feedback: If possible, include testimonials or quotes from selected testers who loved the new website. This adds a human element and can help new users feel more connected to the experience others are enjoying.

Be genuine. A sincere message can build trust and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

You can use generative AI, not only to streamline your content creation process but also to ensure your email resonates emotionally. AI tools can help tailor your message to reflect genuine emotions and connect deeply with your audience. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, consider turning to a guide to generative AI to understand how it can enhance your communication strategies.

5. Add Pictures or Videos to Make It Interesting

Including high-quality visuals in your website announcement email can significantly enhance its appeal and effectiveness. On average, image-based emails have a 30.27% open rate, which is notably higher than the 21.9% for text-only emails​.

Select images that are visually appealing, grab attention, and are relevant to your new website. Think photos of your team or screenshots of new features alongside their benefits:

nike example


Another idea is to add a brief, engaging video that provides a tour of your new website or demonstrates key functionalities. Videos are effective in quickly communicating value and excitement, capturing your audience’s attention far better than text alone. Adding a video can increase click-through rates by up to 300%, and just mentioning the word “video” in the subject line can lift open rates by 19%.

However, if you decide to include these visuals, ensure they are optimized for quick loading and appear well on all devices, especially since many people access their emails via mobile.

6. Send a Trial Email to Check Everything Looks Good

Before you send your website announcement email to your entire list, it’s important to make sure everything in your email looks and works as intended. Sending your email to a few of your subscribers first can save you from potential embarrassment and ensure that your final announcement makes the best possible impact.

Create a small group consisting of members from different departments or a group of friends, if you run a small business. Then send your initial email version to them so they can review it. With this diversity in your initial email recipients, you ensure your content, from the email design aesthetics to technical functionality, is seen through different lenses.

Ask your test group if all your email’s visual elements display correctly across devices. Ask them for feedback on the layout shifts and image loading.

During the testing stage, inquire about your email links. Do they, including the call-to-action, work as they should? Do they direct to the correct page? This is crucial for driving traffic to your new website effectively.

Finally, seek feedback about your initial email’s message as well. Do your initial email recipients think it’s clear and engaging? Were there typos or grammatical mistakes? Was the tone consistent with your brand?



You can rectify potential issues your initial email recipients share with you with tools like Writer. They can help ensure consistency and grammatical correctness in your email writing from start to finish. Writer’s AI-driven features, in particular, ensure you maintain a uniform tone and have grammatical precision, making it easier for you to present a professional and polished email to your final audience.

Once you’ve made changes to the initial website announcement email according to your initial recipients’ feedback, you can send it to all your subscribers.


Your website announcement email is your first opportunity to showcase your new online space. Crafting the perfect website announcement email takes precision, creativity, and strategic thinking. This is a chance to create an experience that excites and engages your audience.

From growing your email list and clearly defining your message’s goals to connecting emotionally with your audience and using compelling visuals, each strategy is important. These tactics ensure your subscriber’s seamless transition from the inbox to your website.

Ultimately, by implementing these strategies, you ensure that your announcement does more than just notify—it captivates and motivates your audience to explore what you’ve built with enthusiasm and interest.