Customizing a business’s online image is important for numerous reasons. Largely, this customization falls under the branding strategy and helps an entrepreneur or their company be seen as a recognizable and reliable player on the market.

Additionally, branding makes a company look more professional and more attractive to potential customers. In other words, many of the prospects will more easily turn into customers once the company has set up a well-rounded brand.

Therefore, many companies turn to you, the digital marketing professionals who help them create their online image. This includes their website, and it all starts with a custom coming soon page. After all, the first contact they have with the customers is when they have the chance to leave an impression of a serious and goal-oriented organization.

However, although you have in-depth knowledge of the marketing principles, you could always use a little outside help so that your creative process is smoother and more efficient.

For example, sometimes you don’t need to bug developers to write simple pages such as a coming soon page in code when there are easy-to-use plugins that have all the features you might need to create an impressive and branded page.

We recommend using Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – your clients will be happy with both the appearance of the page and the speed at which you built it.

Coming Soon & Maintenance ModeBut first, let’s see how this plugin can play a role in the additional branding of our own company.

Building Your Own Brand with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Your digital marketing agency takes care of other businesses’ online representation, so your brand needs to look polished to perfection and well-thought-through. After all, what you did with your own company’s image best reflects your skills and professionalism. So, you should never stop improving your online identity.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode can help in this thanks to the new feature that enables agencies to rebrand the plugin and reshape its look following their brand’s visual appearance.

This way, you will have a handy and customized plugin in your tools arsenal, which will help you leave a better impression on your clients as a reliable organization that has all resources in place to make their brand blossom.

And what does the plugin rebranding actually include? – It will allow you to remove all of the plugin’s markings such as name, logo, and color scheme. And instead of that, you can add the info and visual features corresponding to those of your brand.

This is quite an easy process, and we’ll walk you through all the features that you can change.

Plugin Info

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode visuals tabSo, you’ll be able to remove the original plugin data and replace it with new data that would relate the plugin with your company.

  • Company Name – This is the field where you add your company name so it would appear throughout the plugin. You have 30 characters to squeeze in the name of your business.
  • Company Site URL – You can leave this blank if you wish, but it might bring some additional traffic to your website if you fill it in. Just remember to write the URL together with the prefix https:// for the link to work.
  • Plugin Name – This completely depends on you. Still, although you have all the freedom to name your “new” tool, make sure to keep it catchy and memorable. Just don’t make it too long – it would be better to keep it below 40 characters, but above 3. The full name will be displayed throughout the plugin where there’s room for it.
  • Plugin Short Name – This one is used for all those other cases when the full name can’t fit. It needs to be quite shorter than the one above, preferably with no more than 10 characters.
  • Plugin Site URL – In case you have a page or a website for your plugin, it goes here. This one’s not necessary, but if you have the time and resources, it won’t hurt to create this site. The URL in this field also needs the prefix https://.
  • Support Tab Content – The support tab for the plugin is a great way to introduce your services to a broader audience. You can also add links to videos and other content that can engage the audience.

Plugin Appearance

Rebranding color changeThis bit is as important as changing all the names since your brand’s visual identity is what will stick with your customers. Here are the most important features you can substitute:

  • Logo – Your logo can be easily added either through uploading or dragging and dropping. It’s best to keep the height of the picture at 50px. It can be wide or square.
  • Color – Logo is the first step, and colors are the second since these two things will be the first ones to catch visitors’ attention. So, choose the color that your company has already adopted.
  • Footer Copyright – This is located in the admin version of the footer, on the left side. It should be less than 50 characters long and it’s another place to display your company name.
  • Custom Admin CSS – This option is great for the coding professionals who want to add some finesse that cannot be done with the provided editing commands.

Now let’s see how you can customize your client’s coming soon/under maintenance page.

Building a Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode offers basically all features that you might need in this type of page builder so that you can make your output process quicker and higher in quality.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode page builderIt would take ages to praise every single useful detail, so let’s see the most convenient and important features.

Visual Features

  • More than 170 themes – Your client wants a unique page, but it still needs to be visually compatible with their industry standards. In other words, a dentist will want a cooler color scheme and clean design, so themes such as Dental Clinic, Animated Clock, or even the Simple Beige Design will be something they will appreciate. Artists, on the other hand, might be open for more vivid color combos and bolder design solutions, meaning Art Gallery or Tulips will look more appealing to them.
  • Over 2 million images – The plugin is connected to both Unsplash and Depositphotos. You can search these huge libraries directly from the dashboard and pick the photos you like. If you have decided on the winning pic, but you would like to tweak it just a bit so that it fits better with the appearance of the page, the plugin offers 27 filters that you can use to further improve your chosen images.

Depositphotos integration

  • Logo – This is another feature that will help you establish your client’s visual identity. You can simply upload it, add it to the header, and manage other settings, such as logo height.
  • Easy layout editing – Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode’s interface is built on the drag-and-drop principle. This means that most of the blocks can be rearranged just by dragging them around with the mouse, and although there are 10 modules, they can all be easily customized. The content box won’t be a problem either since it has a transparent background that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the page. And not to mention numerous interesting content intro animations.

Behind-the-Scenes Functions

  • Clean SEO setup interface – We all know that SEO is important from day one of a website’s lifecycle. This plugin makes it easy to take care of all coming soon page SEO settings. And a great touch is the optimization indicator that tells you how each of the settings affected the page’s SEO.
  • Remote control – You will also have an option to remotely control all coming soon pages (on sites that have this plugin installed) from the dashboard and switch them on or off without logging to each website individually. Although it seems small, this feature will probably prove to be a great time-saver.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode remote control

  • Simple communication management – MailChimp, Zapier, or any other autoresponder service, they can all be easily linked to the coming soon page and thus maintain undisturbed communication with your client’s customers.


Impressing a client is possible only if you manage to deliver exactly what they need and expect. And coming soon pages, although simple, can have a huge role in attracting new and maintaining existing customers.

So make sure you give your clients a page that will be simple, attractive, and functional all at the same time. The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin can help you do this quite efficiently.

More importantly, it will help you round up your own image by branding the plugin according to your agency’s visual identity, just like you would do with any other indispensable equipment and everyday tools that help your company be successful and highly functional. So, give it a go!

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