WordPress has quickly became one of the most used website platforms. Its reputation has been considerable great, with the growing community that shows an increasing percentage each year. Thanks to WordPress, anyone can have a stable and functional website. Its easy to setup, affordable, and highly customizable.

There’s even the fact that more than 18.9% of sites on the internet are using WordPress as their platform. However, despite its popularity, WordPress has its own problem, especially the ones related to the security.

It as reported that WordPress considered to be the platform that has the highest risk of getting hacked, proven by the continuous and exponentially increasing case of hacking. Of course, the users suffer greatly from this. Imagine the huge amount of private data stolen or misused to the point of no return.

Seeing how risky the platform can be, it’s logical to utilize extra tool to provide additional safety. In this case, it’s the VPN. There are some benefits the users may obtain from using VPN for WordPress, and the reasons of using it in the first place are aplenty.

The Reasons to Use VPN

Laptop connected to VPN

The way a VPN works is to disguise or hide your IP address by changing the connection path. The VPN will basically cover your actual conection, and channel it to their servers before sending the connection back to the internet.

From the VPN server a connection request will be received from the device, then after that the VPN will send it to the Internet after processing it.

The above process will cause a change in the original IP address of the device with the IP address of the VPN server, so that your location will be disguised and hidden.

Behind your hidden location, it is the location of the VPN server that will be visible to other parties. This method will allow third parties such as ISPs/network providers and the Government to be unable to read and detect what websites you access and what data you send and receive.

It’s a common understanding that a VPN can be a great protection tool as long as you use the legit ones. There are some features it may offer, including the dedicated IP address for extra VPN usability, which is commonly included on the premium services. However, when it comes to WordPress, or other website platforms in general, what are the reasons to install a VPN service?

Use of streaming services without restrictions

Man watching TV

Watching video content online from streaming services will consume a lot of bandwidth, this will cause your internet to slow down.

To reduce this risk, you can use a VPN when watching video content online. A VPN will encrypt your internet connection so that the ISP cannot throttle the internet speed. Other than that, using a VPN is great to access any content from anywhere around the world since you can easily past the boundaries.

Using Public Wi-Fi

Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network can compromise your online privacy and security. This is because people who are on the same network as you can access the information you send or receive.

This can happen if you are connected to a public network such as free Wi-Fi available at airports, hotels or cafes. To be away from all possible risks, installing a VPN service is just enough.


When you travel or travel using a VPN service, you will still be able to access local content as usual. Many online games have features limited to customers in certain regions.

Therefore, for gamers this causes frustration because their region is not included in the list. To reduce this risk, you can use a VPN when playing online games.

A VPN will hide your IP address so that online games cannot recognize regions and cannot restrict your access to special features.

Downloading files

When you download files without using a VPN, your download activity can be seen by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)/internet network providers. Not only that, if you participate in P2P file sharing, strangers connected to the same P2P network as you can see the IP address.

This can endanger your privacy because these strangers may try to access personal information or use IP addresses to carry out cyberattacks. By using a VPN while downloading, you can hide your IP address so that your ISP cannot track your download activity.

Online shopping

By using a VPN, like one from the top VPN providers, you can hide your location so that online shops or ticket sales websites cannot display different prices based on a person’s location or shopping habits. And by doing this, you can eventually get better prices through different locations.

Why WordPress Users Need a VPN

Other than offering the great protection against malicious hacking attempts, a VPN can also give many other benefits, such as:

Increased Speed

When using a VPN for WordPress, you can expect the site’s speed to get better. The VPN services that specifically designed to support WordPress generally have this feature to make sure that each user can feel the better experience right away.

With the help from a VPN service, now your website can load things faster due to the better quality of load time.

Overcoming Any Restricions

Some places in the world activate the geo-restriction feature to limit certain apps from operating within the country. With VPN, now you can check your connection with other locations around the world more easily. That way, you can get the better insights over the locations, and decide what kind of content you need to make for that specific locations.

Keeping Your From Other Technical Issues

The problem in internet connections and malware infection can really affect the website performnace. Thus by installing a VPN, your WordPress can be more protected against the malware and virus.

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