Thanks to tons of tools online, pretty much anyone can create a website. This means, people can make their site super quickly, but most importantly they can do it without knowing a single line of code. Even though this is great for the website creators, this can lead to some issues when it comes to the HTML construction of the site. This especially means, there is the possibility of W3C validation errors.

W3C error is an error issued by the World Wide Web in case the site has any kind of formatting issues. In case your site does not validate the W3C standards, in the future, it will be targeted by all kinds of errors like poor formatting, page load speed, readability, and more. All of these errors lead to poor SEO, and eventually less traffic. This means all of your hard work in putting up a website will go unnoticed.

Due to a lot of people struggling with these errors, a lot of W3C validators have come up online in order to help people deal with them easier. For this reason, we have decided to make this short article in which we would like to present you with a few of the most important reasons why the W3C validator is so important. So, let us get started.

W3C Validator

There are tons of reasons why you should validate your HTML, and mentioning all o them would make the longest article ever. So, we would like to mention a few of the most important reasons, and how it affects your SEO.

Search engine rankings

The first thing W3C validation can affect its search engine rankings. Let us be honest, when we look for something online, we only open the first few links for the topic. For this reason, you want to make sure your site is amongst the first ones when people look for similar topics.

Web browser friendliness

This is probably one of the main things why site makers look for w#c validation. The reason for this is the fact that once they do create a site, it might look perfect on one browser, but get totally messed up when being viewed from another browser. In case the site does not have validation, it can have some serious formatting issues when viewed in some explorers.

User experience

Validating your site makes it accessible for your visitors from all kinds of web browsers. This improves your SEO, making the site accessible to everyone interested in it. User experience is one of the most important factors of your site since they are the true reason why you are making your site.

These are the main three things that you should keep in mind when considering validating your site. There are tons of additional benefits like crawl rate improvement, easier maintenance, and faster loading and for those of you running eCommerce stores, validation also helps with Google Ads.


All in all, the W3C validator is a super useful tool that can greatly improve your site’s overall functionality and SEO. It does not cost much, taking into consideration how many benefits it brings. Make your job easier for yourself, and make your site accessible to everyone.

We hope this article was helpful, and that you will consider incorporating this into your work from now on.

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