It is almost impossible to find a marketer who does not know how to use WordPress or navigate a WordPress website. It’s almost a truism that WordPress is incredibly good for building websites, especially if you can leverage its numerous plugins to the fullest.

WordPress is user-friendly, can scale well with your business, has one of the stronger communities where you can find support every step of the way, and is highly customizable. Speaking of which, the right WordPress plugins can grow the capabilities of your website in almost every direction, from social media integration to SEO optimization to lead generation and email marketing.

For example, WordPress affiliate marketing plugins – utilized by and some other prominent affiliate marketing companies – can help you with link management, commission tracking, attribution, reporting, and more, keeping your affiliate marketing campaigns in check at all times. This also applies to other marketing avenues; WP plugins are…profitable, if you will.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about WordPress marketing plugins and how they can revolutionize your business.

How many websites use WordPress

Why Are WordPress Plugins Essential

For those living under a rock, let’s just mention what a WordPress plugin is:

  • A WordPress plugin is software that extends the functionality of a WordPress website through a set of WordPress APIs. For example, WordPress plugins enliven contact forms, e-commerce capabilities, social media integration, and more.

The good news about WordPress plugins is that dozens of thousands of them are available for free. The free WordPress Plugin Directory hosts around 60,000 free WordPress plugins, so you don’t necessarily have to pay for the extended website features you need.

At the same time, free WordPress plugins, including marketing plugins, are not omnipotent. While they surely offer basic functionality, paid plugins are sometimes required for a wider range of features and advanced customization. For example, advanced social media plugins, like Twitter feed plugins, are almost always paid unless you’re content with a limited free version.

To search for plugging in WordPress, go to Plugins -> Add New, then use the search form to find the one you need, and click Install Now to install the plugin. Then, click Activate whenever you need the plugin.

How to search for plugins in WordPress

You can also connect WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing, which are not in the standard catalog, and other premium plugins via the FTP protocol or manually.

One important thing to mention about plugins is that you should carefully check the files before downloading and only use verified resources to protect yourself from viruses, malware, and other malicious implications.

Here’s how WordPress plugins can take your marketing to a whole new level:

Saving time and money The very essence of WordPress plugins is their main advantage: they effectively replace software that would cost dozens of thousands of dollars to develop. Instead, you can install and activate a free or paid plugging and get the same features in minutes. With paid plugins, you also get comprehensive support and timely updates.
Social media integration With plugins like Social Media Share Buttons, you can easily add sharing buttons to your social media posts and pages so users can engage with your content. Likewise, the Revive Old Posts plugin can automate content posting and sharing across Facebook, X, and Linkedin.
Lead generation At the end of the day, your ultimate marketing goal is to generate and convert as many leads as possible. If so, plugging line WPForms can help you capture leads across landing pages, forms, and pop-ups.

Likewise, if you’re in affiliate marketing, plugins like AffiliateWP can help you manage affiliate links and compliance with the affiliate agreement (for example, identify prohibited traffic channels)

Optimal customer journey Some plugins can help customers to reach your sales department faster. For example, the click-to-call widget lets website users initiate a call by clicking a button or tapping a mobile screen. This way, anyone willing to make a phone call can do it times faster than an old-school phone number typing.
Enhanced security For e-commerce businesses, there is a wide range of security and spam protection plugins – for example, Wordfence Security – that can protect you from spam and hacking attacks.

Long story short, WordPress marketing plugins can do almost anything you can imagine, greatly reducing the amount of effort you need to drive a potential customer to a conversion. From tracking to analytics to retention to security, you can take your marketing game to the next level if you’re diligent enough to research the domain of plugins and choose the ones that match your business objectives.

Three Best Plugins for WordPress

With over 50,000 WordPress plugins at your service, the question is not whether the right plugin exists but whether you can find it among the massive number of alternatives.

Title Experiments

Title Experiments is effective for those who want to craft the most effective and attractive post headlines using the A/B testing method. The plugin is as straightforward as possible: you choose several types of article headings, launch the plugin, and it split-tests your headlines to determine which one will be more effective in driving views and engagement.

Easy Social Sharing

This is a great option for those looking for a synergizing addition to WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. The extension allows you to create a sharing button on social networks. That is, the reader can add your publication or its quotes to his account with just one click of a button.

Ninja Kick

Ninja Kick is one of the WordPress marketing automation plugins, with the main purpose of helping users connect with managers and customer support. After activating the application, an animated form appears on the page, through which visitors can contact managers and get answers to their questions.

Harness WordPress Plugins To Acquire More Clients

Understanding how marketing plugins for WordPress work and their benefits is important for everyone using the platform. After all, is there a faster and more effective way to improve your marketing campaigns? You only need to choose the right plugins.