A clipboard is a fundamental tool for copying and pasting images, links, and texts on your iPhones and iPads. The native clipboard on iOS had its limitations, allowing only a single item to be stored at a time. If you are thinking “how to access clipboard on iPhone,” there is no option to see it by default. The clipboard is an internal function stored in virtual memory, and because it is stored in virtual memory, everything gets wiped out whenever you restart your phone or tablet.

One way to see and manage the clipboard on iPhone is by using the Notes app. But if you are fed up with the limitations and want to overcome them, you can use clipboard manager apps for iPhone and iPad. There are a number of excellent options available for 2023. These apps will empower you to supercharge your productivity and streamline your copy-pasting tasks.

Clipboard manager


Yoink is a popular clipboard manager with a unique approach to improved productivity. The app acts as a temporary shelf for all the copied content, allowing users to quickly drag and drop items from the shelf onto text fields, emails, and documents. Hence, the app is fantastic for multitasking because you can easily switch between applications without losing the clipboard history.

The app supports Handoff, enabling seamless transfer of content between your Mac and iOS devices.


Clippo is an intuitive and easy to understand clipboard application that stores all the copied items, allowing users to access them whenever they want and even reuse them.

The app stores links, images, and text. It offers a Today Widget and a menu bar icon, allowing instant access to clipboard history. Users can also personalize the appearance of the app, synchronize the clipboard across multiple devices and organize the clips.


Paste offers seamless integration across multiple iOS devices. It is a clipboard manager with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The app allows users to organize and store a plethora of copied content, including files, links, pictures, and text snippets. The clipboard history can be synchronized across devices, thanks to iCloud synchronization. Also, users can create pinboards for frequently used snippets, edit the copied text before pasting or search for specific terms.


CLIP+ is a popular but highly underrated clipboard manager. The app perfectly links with Siri and Safari. With Safari, the app keeps an account of all the saved links in the Shared Links tab. As for Siri, the app allows multiple shortcuts that can be used via Siri.

The clipboard manager also comes with iCloud sync, saving your information and making them accessible across multiple Apple devices. The Today Widget option is another nifty feature of this app that offers quick access to the clipboard. Moreover, you can preview the images for any URL that you have received. So, you do not need to open the URL to see the picture that has been sent to you.

Copy Better

Copy Better is a simple clipboard manager that does the job. It doesn’t come with bells and whistles. This is a basic app that completes tasks and offers few improvements, which makes it better than the in-built clipboard manager of iOS and iPadOS.

Copy Better’s UI is simple and easy to understand. The features are not very extensive, but they are enough for someone wanting to be productive. Using this app, you can save and edit the clippings from your phone or tablet. You can also create new ones from the app itself. The clips can be default texts, images, or formatted texts. The clips can be saved into folders, and you can mark them as your favorite to quickly access them when required.

The application comes with a keyboard that makes it hassle-free to paste clips onto different applications. While the clipboard manager provides a Siri extension, it doesn’t offer cloud syncing.


Pasty is a clipboard manager application that allows users to save and organize their copied images, text, files, and images. The app makes the entire process effortless. The app excels as a comprehensive clipboard application for iPhones and iPads. It offers a customizable organization, extensive clipboard history, and powerful search functionality. Moreover, it offers seamless device synchronization, powerful privacy measures, and a user-friendly interface.

With such incredible qualities and capabilities, Pasty makes for one of the top clipboard managers for iPhone and Mac devices.

The Bottom Line

In summation, these clipboard managers offer a plethora of features to optimize your copy-pasting tasks. These apps can streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Choose the one that suits your needs and harness their power.

Compare the clipboard managers and align them with your specific requirements. This will help you in making an informed decision. Also, some of them offer paid plans. Happy choosing!

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