In the process of software development, it is very important to have as few errors as possible, as well as to spot errors and bugs in the beginning. By eliminating errors and bugs, we create a better and more reliable product and make our customers more satisfied. However, there is a catch.

Error tracking tools can help us detect, report, and track errors throughout the software development process. There are a lot of good tools, and we will describe some of the best ones below.

1. Backlog


Backlog is an online tool for error/bug tracking and project management and is made for development teams. Any member of the team can very easily report an error, and there is a very detailed insight into the history of the error, as well as information on whether the error has been resolved and in what way.

With this great tool, in addition to tracking and detecting errors, you can manage various IT projects. The tool is equipped with many options such as sub-tasking, advanced status charts and also has applications for iOS and Android.

2. Kualitee


Kualitee is a great tool for development teams. This tool ensures that you create quality software with minimal errors.

There are error management options within this tool, but there are also various tools on offer to test software (even document generation software) and work on resolving errors and problems. Instead of using multiple tools for bug detection and testing, Kualitee allows you to do all these actions from one control point.

Kualitee has a very good user interface, excellent reporting charts, and there is the possibility of integration with other applications. This is a commercial tool, and the starting price is $15/mo/user. Given the rich options, we can say that this tool is quite cheap.

3. BugHerd


BugHerd is one of the best and most accurate tools for tracking bugs and issues on websites. It allows you and your customers to accurately detect the elements on which an error occurs.

This tool records all the information you need to replicate and quickly resolve any error, such as problems with your web browser, operating system, and so on.

BugHerd has a Kanban-style task board that will display all errors and information about them, as well as technical information. From the task board, you can track progress and know at any time how far a problem has come to being resolved. You can integrate this tool with your applications so that you have development and bug tracking within one control panel.

4. Bird Eats Bug

Bird Eats Bug

Bird Eats Bug is a great web browser extension that will create extensive interactive bug reports. The reports are very rich in data, so you will easily identify the problem, its location, and you will receive guidelines on how to solve it.

The moment you capture the screen and the cause of the problem, this extension automatically expands the report with data such as a console record, network errors, web browser problems, and more.

With this tool, you do not have to leave your development software; you will have all the error reports inside the browser.

This tool has a free version; the commercial version is called Business and costs only $8/mo.

5. Bugzilla


Bugzilla is a tool that we don’t need to introduce much. For a long time, this tool has been the most popular for tracking and detecting errors, and it is used by many organizations as well as individuals.

This tool is very easy to use through a web interface. It is completely open-source and completely free to use. We recommend that you try this tool and see its benefits.

6. Userback


Users consider Userback to be the fastest way to report bugs and get feedback from websites and applications you are currently developing. Most developers use this tool because they have absolutely everything they need to detect and correct the error faster.

It is very easy to report an error using this tool. Along with the application, you can attach a screenshot, console log, video, web browser information, and many more things.

This tool is made for software companies and designers and saves time because you can manage all ongoing projects in one place from one control panel. There is a possibility of integration with Jira, GitHub, Slack, and many other services.

Userback does not have a free version; the Basic version costs only $8/mo, the Standard version costs $34/mo, the Growth version is the most expensive and costs $69/mo.

7. FogBugz


FogBugz is another tool in a series of great ones for issue tracking and debugging. It works through a web interface and allows you to create, list, assign and work on detected errors and bugs.

In a very rich interface, you can follow the flow of problem-solving and thus act preventively and make sure that the problem does not happen again anywhere within the application. The tool is very easy to use and has all the necessary options for tracking and detecting errors. One of the best options of this tool is WIKI which allows you to make all errors and problems available to the public.

FogBugz is a commercial product, and the starting price is $15/user/mo.

8. Zoho Bug Tracker

Zoho Bug Tracker

Zoho Bug Tracker is part of a popular task management tool called the Zoho Project. The Bug Tracking and Troubleshooting module is a network tool where you can create projects, tasks, and complex bug-related reports and tips on how to detect them.

This module has absolutely all the options you need to effectively detect the bug and work on resolving it.

Zoho Bug Tracker is commercial software. There is also a free version available for a period of 14 days, and that will be enough time to see if this tool is what you need.

9. eTraxis


eTraxis is a popular and very good tracking tool where you can track bugs, but you also have the option to add tracking to any other segment in software and application development.

The tool is very flexible and allows you to create workflows. You can define workflows and points that must be executed in the error detection and elimination process to ensure that the process is completed correctly. You can find these workflows within the application in the form of templates.

eTraxis is a commercial tool, but there is a free version with limited capabilities, so you can try out some basic options. There are three commercial packages; the first is Standard and costs $8/mo, the second is Medium and costs $20/mo, and the most expensive is Enterprise and costs $50/mo.

10. Lean Testing

Lean Testing

Lean Testing is a great and free tool for bug/issue tracking and test management and was developed by testers. The tool offers a web browser extension, making it very fast to report and detect errors in business processes.

Lean Testing has absolutely all the options needed to successfully detect and track errors. The interface is intuitive and very easy to use. Since it is a web application, no installation is required. This is a free solution that you should definitely have in your collection.


Detecting, tracking, and resolving errors can be a lengthy and difficult process. That is why we reach for tools that will help us solve this part of the job as simply and effectively as possible.

Creating error-free applications will lead to greater customer satisfaction and thus improve our reputation and quality of service.

Although there are many tools for tracking and detecting errors, we have listed the ten most popular. You can use them separately, but the use of several tools in combination gives good results.

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