Today, Portuguese is the 7th most widely spoken language globally, with almost 223 million native speakers. It is officially said in 7 countries: Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé, and Príncipe. And suppose that’s not enough reason to learn Portuguese online.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s see what the best way to learn Portuguese for developers is.

Use Apps For Learning

Language students now have guaranteed shortcuts to speak Portuguese quickly. With Mondly, an award-winning language learning application, Portuguese is stuck in your brain after just a few weeks of training.

You can travel and much more with compact daily lessons and vocabulary tools to help you learn new Portuguese words in short, realistic, and simulated conversations so y. Your brain is set to turn on autopilot while you enjoy your journey in pure Portuguese.

Mondly does not have to learn advanced Portuguese grammar. Instead, it aims to teach you fluent Portuguese using the induction method – learning with practice, context and example and extrapolating to the rules. That sounds like a perfect start to your Portuguese training.

Read Kids’ Books

Man reading book

Now that you know some Portuguese words and phrases, you can continue reading on the Kindle. Why Kindle? Because it has a unified vocabulary that you can double-tap to see the word’s meaning. Enthusiasm to discover new Portuguese words can help you learn faster.

And what is better reading than children’s books? Yes, you read that right. Since you are at the beginning of your Portuguese journey, children’s books are the most suitable for your skill level. From more short texts, you can go to An Principine de Saint-Exupéry’s O Principezinho (“The Little Prince”) and then to J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Pedro the Philosopher’s (“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”).

In the meantime, continue your daily training with the language you learn. Because learning Portuguese – like any other language – is like a war on many fronts. You can win everything if your strategy is sound. Otherwise, you could be under siege forever. So be wise, and you will learn faster than you think.

Use Flashcard

Some Portuguese words do not apply. Many are aware of your pain. We already have it all. Fortunately, cards can do that. Stick the most complex words on sticky notes and make sure you see them every day (there may be a good place for them next to the bed). Before you know it, you’ll find that you know the Portuguese words that have caused you headaches later.

Watch Movies

Man watching TV

Have you noticed that when you spend some time in another country and then return home, you still feel like you hear people speak the same language they have listened to abroad? That’s fun. Now your brain is used to language. And to improve your Portuguese skills, you must have the same experience with Portuguese.

Portuguese movies, TV series, watching short videos, or listening to Portuguese music. Well, that’s what you have to do to train your ears in Portuguese. So research, choose what suits you best, and speak Portuguese that you didn’t know you could do!

Talk to Yourself in Portuguese

If you haven’t found any online friends to help you practice Portuguese, you can talk to yourself. Not from each other but each other. As crazy as it is, expressing thoughts in Portuguese can help you learn the language faster. If you persevere, you will soon find that you can draw an idea right in Portuguese.

Book a Trip to Portugal

What language do you want to learn? Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese? Now, whatever you want, go to the mall and book your vacation today.

And how better to learn Portuguese than to travel to a country where it is spoken?

Many people say that traveling requires a lot of money, which is not valid. If you plan, you can find a cheap solution. The basis is to monitor offers. You need to go traveling to Portugal to polish your Portuguese.

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