Logos are very important in creating a brand identity that will stick around. Luckily, even if you’re not a graphic designer yourself or you don’t feel like paying for one, you always have the option of an online free logo maker or hiring a freelance logo designer, which is much more affordable than paying an agency.

TRUiC has a free online logo maker that brands your business easily and quickly.

Here’s how to get a great logo:

Take a look at conceptual icons


An icon is a simple visual which is meant to manifest the spirit of your brand. While many think that the icon has to be an image showcasing your product or service, it doesn’t have to be. It may be beneficial to some businesses, but not all.

Think of your icon as a symbol, rather than a picture. For example, Nike’s recognizable ‘swish’ icon brings to mind the idea of movement and speed. This is perfect for a sportswear brand, and their target audience.

Preferably, you want your icon to be simple enough that most customers can remember it even if they only saw it for a second.

Use the space available to you

Most businesses prefer also having their name and tagline in the logo. Should there be enough space, it’s really beneficial to have that seen. Even if you don’t have a tagline, you can simply use your name so that space doesn’t go to waste.

Have fun with caps or lowercase

Generally, uppercase logos tend to send out a sense of command while lowercase logos emit a more friendly and relaxed vibe.

Know which handwritten fonts work

Woman looking at fonts

Handwritten fonts provide a unique and authentic feel that most customers love. They’re especially useful when used for your tagline. However, using uppercase for handwritten fonts tend to make them seem less authentic, so take that into consideration.

Balance your tagline

You always want your tagline to be shorter than your name and 25-30 characters are ideal. Also, if you choose a thicker font for your name, it’s a good idea to use a thinner one for your tagline.

Reshape your name and tagline

Visual balance is key. That’s why your tagline, even though it’s smaller, has to be flawlessly aligned with your name. This gives viewers a sense of harmony when they look at your logo.

Should your name or tagline be a great deal longer than the other, you can rectify it by adapting the font or size of either.

Give your logo space to breathe

Art design logo

Should you decide to use a frame, you have to ensure that there is enough space between your fame and logo. Basically, your logo needs some breathing space. If there isn’t enough space, it tends to look quite cramped. In this case, either make the frame bigger or minimize the font size.

Make sure it’s readable

Your logo will be seen in different kinds of places and in varying formats. Your text always has to be readable, whether that be on the header of your website, a mobile device, or a website.

In order to make sure that it remains readable, check the final product on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and from various devices (desktop and mobile devices). It has to be readable in all of these formats for it to be successful.

Think about background contrast

Another sure-fire way to make sure that your logo is really seen by potential clients is to use a background color that provides sufficient contrast with your text. For example, if your text is white, you might want to have a darker background color such as black.

Position elements effectively

Person using PC mouse

Once you’ve decided on all of the individual elements, you need to make sure that they all work together. Although this is dependent on each unique logo, one suggestion is to make sure that all of the elements face the same way e.g. left, right or center.

Size your icon effectively

Your icon has an effect on the placement of the other constituents of your logo. You shouldn’t have your icon smaller in height than your text, and if you do, you can either upsize your icon to the equivalent height of your text or you can simply make it bigger.

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