Casino games like slots and roulette are exciting to play. They’re also great for killing time, socializing with friends, relieving stress, and making some extra money when lucky.

While you can play most casino games free of charge, gambling with real money is more exciting. Winning real money feels more sensational although losing can also be frustrating.

Frustrations, greed, and social pressure can sometimes lead people to gamble irresponsibly. Luckily, today’s online casinos make extra efforts to help players stay in control of games.

Whether you love slots or blackjack, here are some of the tools you can use to avoid problem gambling.


Cooling Off Period

A cool-down period is a break casinos ask you to take after certain intervals. It ranges between two minutes and 30 minutes. A cool-off period can help you manage time and money. It can also protect you from compulsive betting.

Imagine you love a slot so much that you could spend hours playing it. A cool-off period can help you decide when to stop playing. It can also help you get out of a losing streak or determine when to take profits.

The beauty of this feature is that it prohibits you from placing bets completely while it is in effect. You have to take the mandatory break to decide whether you want to continue betting or whether you do something different entirely.

Betting Limits

If you want your casino budget to last until your next paycheck, you need to be highly disciplined. Alternatively, use a bet limit tool to determine the amount of money you should spend every time you play slots and table games.

A betting limit is more effective at keeping you disciplined. However, ensure you set limits that can help you maximize your profits. You see, the best way to make money at casino games is to bet big amounts of money.

If you risk $10 in a straight number bet in roulette, you can $350. But if you only wager $1, the maximum you can win is $35. A betting limit helps you determine the maximum amount of money you can bet on each game without depleting your account balance.

Of course, just because you care about bet limits doesn’t mean you want to win big amounts. Choose a reliable online casino South Carolina if you live in the Palmetto state. Play games with high return-to-player rates.  Also, follow successful strategies when playing table games like blackjack and poker.


In some countries like the UK, every casino has to work with a self-exclusion program by law. These programs allow you to take a long-term break from casino gambling if you feel like it’s becoming an obsession.

When you register on a self-exclusion program like Gamstop, you can gamble at any online casino in the UK for up to five years. Gamstop collects your personal information and sends it to every online casino to block you from the duration of your self-exclusion.

Is self-exclusion effective for fighting problem gambling? The short answer is it depends. If you are willing to self-exclude from online casinos, in your state, an exclusion program can help you achieve your goals.

However, it’s not a perfect tool. Self-exclusion programs work in specific regions. For example, Gamstop works with UK casinos. It can’t protect a player who chooses to use casinos located in Malta or Curacao.

Deposit Limits

A deposit limit helps players control their gambling budget effectively. It is one of the best tools you can use to manage your money online. Let’s say you have a habit of depositing more money than you should. You can set your deposit limit and the casino will help you stay disciplined with your budget.

Every online casino has a minimum and maximum deposit. The minimum deposit ranges from $5 to $20. A small limit helps casinos win the trust of new customers. It also helps accommodate people with low budgets.

The maximum deposit limit varies depending on the payment method. With most mobile wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, and GPay; the maximum deposit is $10,000. The amount can rise to $50,000 or $100,000 for bank transfers and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Do you feel like you have problem gambling signs? Visit your favorite casino’s safe gambling page. Check if it has a guide you can use to determine if you have any signs you should worry about.

Self-assessment isn’t the most effective way to diagnose problem gambling. However, it can help you watch out for alarming signs. Maybe you have chased your losses more than once in the past month. You can check if that is a sign you should be concerned about and make proper adjustments.

The best way to avoid falling prey to gambling addiction is to do it in moderation. Treat it as a pastime and not as a way to make money. Also, assess yourself for problem gambling signs occasionally. If you notice any concerning issues, take a break from casino games.

Affordability Checks

Lately, regulators are introducing stricter affordability checks to reduce the number of people with problem gambling signs. Far too many people take out loans or spend important assets gambling online.

An affordability check helps a casino verify that you can afford to pay a specific amount of money every month. Usually, gambling sites trigger this check if you spend more than $500 per month.

They can ask you to provide a bank statement. If you make a lot more than you spend gambling, they don’t ask for additional proof. But if they detect you can’t afford to lose $100 or $1000 every month, they will often suspend your account.


Your Turn

Safe gambling tools can help you play casino games responsibly online. They can help you budget, set betting limits, or even exclude yourself from gambling for a month or year.

However, you need a lot more than gambling tools to enjoy gaming. Learn to stick to your budget. Have a strategy and a plan to help you take profits and cut your losses.