The modern era is characterized by intense internet use, especially in terms of sharing information. Particularly nowadays more and more confidential information is shared, or data that require a high level of security and privacy.

In general, this is important because cyber crime protection became one of the priorities for any internet user, and it looks like Sealit comes just in time.

It is a data protection platform that will make sure your files are shared safely and confidently without using a classic and easily missable password. Say hi to the password-less era and get ready to hear more about this powerful tool.


Sealit is based on a Zero Trust security model, which refers to the proven method of protecting the most sensitive data that you might have regardless of the device you are using. With its native integration for e-mail platforms such as Google and Outlook, Sealit ensures that the emails you send from your original address are encrypted and managed straight from your inbox.

The user-friendly nature of the tool does not require users to spend much time figuring out how stuff works. On the other side, users highly appreciate the fact that a single click can make emails encrypted and safely delivered.

Passwords are no longer trendy. Clients nowadays require a high level of security for things they can handle with their mobiles. That is why Sealit app adjusted to mobile phones allows decryption of emails or files by using biometrics. In other words, no one can break into your data, except for those you give permission to.

There will always be an authentication request sent to your device where you access the encrypted email with a biometric element, Face ID, or Touch ID. A monitoring feature also allows users to know who accesses the data at any given moment.


Once the suspicious activities are spotted, Sealit makes sure you get a real-time alert so you can react as soon as possible. As security became a crucial part of lots of everyday processes, people needed a zero-trust solution like this that will constantly keep an eye on whoever might have the access to your data and information. Especially since email and file security options used to be quite complicated and therefore stressful for most users.

Broadly speaking, with a single purchase you get a lifetime license to use Sealit with the whole package of features and services. Some of the leading assets of the app include Personal biometric Sealit ID, email protection, file security, monitoring analytics, wide protection compatibility, and an easy exchange platform that smoothly works with the most popular ones: Gmail, Zoom, Slack, Skype, etc. You can even protect your data additionally by applying regulations known as GDPR and HIPAA.

In that case, nobody, including this very tool, gets access to your information. On the other side, access to information, regardless of how confidential, is made fast and reliable. Biometrics will let you do just that – unlock the treasure quickly and with zero risk.


We must admit that the internet made us live faster and therefore expose ourselves to risks at times. In alignment with current trends, Sealit represents a great tool that introduces password-less age, eliminating the risk aspect of your confidential email and data, and taking the burden off your shoulders because you will no longer have to remember both complex and easily-breakable passwords.

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