To promote business online, brands will need to reach a bigger audience. Video content creators, for example, use different methods to increase website visits, and that may translate to views or content consumers. More than half of all web traffic and 40% of all revenue comes from organic search. This is why search marketers strive to increase organic search traffic.

But, when it ranks in the top three positions or the featured snippet for that keyword, exponential traffic will likely increase. Suppose there is a failure in ranking on the first page. A business may miss out on bottom-line revenue opportunities.

In order to increase organic search, it is important to rely on more than one method. Using different methods will help website owners reach a wider audience. It is therefore not a shock that finding out how to grow organic traffic is the most critical task of search marketing.

In this article, we are going to mention important strategies that can be used to grow search traffic and achieve marketing goals.


Three letters indicating the word SEO

SEO is a term that still confuses many people. Some people don’t know how to use SEO tools to achieve the right amount of traffic for their blog. SEO can help update a website or blog to keep them significant or more meaningful to the audience.

Writing and publishing engaging blogs that most people like will push up search results. Bloggers always have to ensure that contents are useful and not just some poorly written materials with improper grammar check.

SaaS SEO is key and blogs can also be used for B2B marketing if a marketing funnel strategy is followed and filling the sales funnel with qualified leads using gated content. However, it is only by answering real user needs that blog content will drive organic traffic. If you can not do this alone, you can always turn to Nashville SEO for help and professional service.

SEO Helps Beat the Competition

Content that is fresh and relevant will put one brand above its competitors on the results page of a search engine. Creating regular blog posts featuring keywords ensures that search engines like Google prioritize a page, which directly affects the traffic to the website.

No matter how much effort is put into SEO, blogging regularly about a business and industry will organically improve rankings. Utilizing Yoast for articles will enable dramatic improvement in search. It is important to: find ranking keywords, consider headers, and optimize them for SEO. Millenio, a leading SEO and digital marketing agency, can provide expert guidance in these areas to boost your online presence.

Improve Ranking Keywords With a Blog

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It is possible to can rank higher for more keywords by blogging, especially non-branded keywords. Using blog posts to position a brand as an expert in a certain field and showcase the offerings to people searching for related information offers a great opportunity to position the brand as an authority in the industry.

Blogs can also be used for B2B marketing if a marketing funnel strategy is followed and filling the sales funnel with qualified leads using gated content. However, it is only by answering real user needs that blog content will drive organic traffic.

How to Boost Organic Traffic Through Blogging

Blogs are time-consuming and resource-intensive. Moreover, results are slower than with paid search ads. To ensure that blog content gains organic ground fast, it pays to spend to carefully plan SEO blogging tactics.

Where there is a list of target keywords already, they can be separated into two categories: informational and transactional search intent. If the list is not available, it is important to start making the keyword search. As soon as the list of keywords is gathered, they can be categorized based on volume, buyer persona, or even pain point. This ensures content is user-centric.

Finding out the keywords other competitors are using is important. Discovering which keywords competitors are ranking for will help with deciding whether to take them on or not.

Other Methods of Increasing Organic Traffic

Find and Fix Non-performing Content on the Site

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The term non-performing content refers to materials that fail to drive organic traffic to a site or are ineffective in converting visitors into sales or winning referrals from other sites. The content may be too outdated, missing links, or need someone to write catchy headlines for them to perform again. It doesn’t serve any purpose to keep such material on a site, as it may even diminish the odds of getting organic search traffic.

Content that does not perform consumes crawl budgets, which search engines use to determine how many pages to crawl. If a site has too many ineffective pages, search engines can get stuck crawling it and abandon it before crawling the useful pages.

Search engines are able to crawl the site’s most relevant pages and posts after identifying and removing non-performing content. In the long run, this content can gain more organic clicks as it will rank higher in the SERPs.

In order to identify which content performs best on a website in terms of list building, traffic, and ranking keywords, It is a requirement to run a content audit in the following ways:

  • Gather information about target keywords that aren’t capturing as much traffic as they should and their related articles. Alexa’s Site Keywords tool can be used for this.
  • Put the website’s URL in the box to see all the keywords that drive traffic to the site. Consider filtering for Share of Voice between 0 and 5 in order to remove terms that already have a large share of traffic for the keyword.

With this method, it is possible to see which keywords drive some traffic to the site. To find out which keywords drive traffic to which URL on the website, download a spreadsheet of these keywords.

Identify New Keywords to Target

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Keyword strategies may have gaps, even when they are the strongest. New, relevant keywords appear constantly, and as new products are added, new keyword opportunities open up. When content producers add these opportunities to their keyword strategy, it takes time.

In this regard, it is advisable not to accept a keyword strategy that fills in gaps. Organic traffic growth can be interfered with by missed keyword opportunities, giving competitors an edge. Search traffic and brand visibility can be increased by identifying opportunities and incorporating them into keyword strategy iterations.

For the new keywords to be found, the search may begin by identifying keywords with high search volumes and low competition that the site isn’t currently ranking for.

Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty tool can also be used to do this. Another relevant on-page SEO checker may also be used.

Plugging a relevant keyword into Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty tool will pull up related keyword opportunities, which can be sorted to find the most used terms.

Using Alexa’s Competitive Power metric, it is possible to determine which terms can really rank against those that cannot by filtering out the keywords outside the site’s competitive power. 

Optimize for Higher CTR

The organic search traffic battle doesn’t end at ranking on page one; it is also important to convince users to click on the result instead of one of the competitors. CTR optimization has two main benefits. To begin with, it increases the organic traffic by enticing searchers away from competitors’ sites.

The second benefit is that it sends positive signals to search engines: Google prioritizes search results based on the CTR.

How to Boost CTR

There are different methods that can be used to boost CTR. Here are a few recommendations:

  • The Google Search Console can help with identifying which pages on the site have low CTR on results pages. The results can be downloaded to Excel and then listed by CTR. A low CTR page that is high-performing is the best candidate for optimization. Create meta descriptions that are SEO-friendly based on this priority list. For example, make the title more engaging and use target keywords earlier. Is this a good technique? The best pay-per-click or PPC ads are optimized for CTR and will likely have a high click-through rate. Marketing teams spend a lot of time on PPC ads optimization.
  • CTR is influenced greatly by meta descriptions. The specific keyword phrase that a site wants to rank for must be included, as well as a clear call to action. It is important to think about the intent of the searcher: Search terms do not have the same intent: “best tools for boosting organic traffic” has an informational intent. SEO meta descriptions should ideally reflect this intent.
  • Optimizing the factors above is only the beginning. It is important to also analyze and monitor the CTR differences between the refreshed and the original content and connect improvements with the actions taken.

Social Media

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Social media marketing is among the best methods of boosting organic traffic, even though Google claims that social signals do not affect rankings. Brand awareness is enhanced by an active social media presence. This, in turn, results in branded searches being boosted on Google.

Most people are already taking advantage of the growing number of social media users to increase traffic to their websites. There are more than 3.2 billion active social media users worldwide. It is possible to drive organic traffic to a website using the three tried and tested ways outlined below.

Here are ways to use Social Media to drive organic traffic to a site:

Paid Ads

Social media is a powerful tool for brands to advertise and market their products. Social media users are, however, unsure about whether to spend money on advertising through social media. Outbound marketing is a rather different process than paid advertising. Outbound marketing is a rather different process than paid advertising.

Marketers are able to reach and specifically target their audience with ease by utilizing data and machine learning technology. Companies use specific platforms to accomplish specific goals. This includes increasing traffic to a website, creating leads, and promoting brand awareness. Marketing firms can access analytics from paid ads that provide insights on how to improve social media marketing performance.

It has been observed that social media posts from relatives, friends, and colleagues tend to have higher priority, thus decreasing organic reach. Furthermore, the sheer number of social feeds makes it statistically impossible to connect with the targeted audience. Paid ads, on the other hand, ensure that ads show up in the feeds of the targeted users. While social media is crowded with advertisements, they provide a direct way to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Posting Regularly

Even though people do not want to bombard their followers with posts, posting regularly to social media channels promotes exposure and traffic. Social media platforms should not be neglected. Updates to various social media platforms should be part of a social media marketer’s daily routine. In addition to increasing retention, regularly posting builds a general interest in products and services since followers will remember the brand name.

Regularly posting quality and informative content is the key to success. Brand owners should consider posting content on how to use hair products, for example, if they have been sharing posts about them with little success. This will lead to their followers paying more attention to their posts and making them more insightful.

It is important to connect with followers on social media alongside making regular posts. If they comment, mention, and share the product or brand, It is important to consider responding to them. A social media presence encourages users to engage with the brand.

Using Videos

Camera recording video

Social media marketing campaigns using visual content have proven to be effective. Many people on social media spend a lot of time scrolling through their feeds. Unfortunately, they miss out on a lot of interesting and useful information. By sharing more visual content, particularly videos that stand out, brands can prevent potential customers from doing this.

Social media users are forty times more likely to share visual content than regular feeds. Video is the only form of media that receives more likes, shares, and comments than text. Increasing engagement of social media posts is easy when video, graphs, animations, photos, and GIFs are included.

Just like other online marketing strategies, social media can be used to increase traffic to a website. To be able to do so, a smart strategy is required, as well as time and effort. The two strategies should be complementary rather than replacing each other. It is important to understand specific ways that can be used with social platforms to drive organic traffic, more so in the current market, where organic traffic is not easy to find.


To succeed in growing an online business, real human traffic or organic traffic is important. For businesses looking to enhance their B2B marketing through effective SEO, consider consulting with experts like Netrocket. Netrocket B2B SEO service offer specialized strategies to improve your online visibility and drive targeted traffic. Websites with organic traffic help companies to acquire a reliable share in the market. Most importantly, such websites can also become valuable to Google, therefore having long-term positive results in the business. Having a dedicated IT support team further enhances this process, ensuring your website not only attracts organic traffic but also provides a seamless user experience, ultimately boosting your online business’s success, added IT support Kent.

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