Even when preparing to promote yourself or your company on social networks, choosing a suitable positioning model is essential. The right choice will help you register an account and draw up a grid for publications and a content plan. At its core, positioning determines your online behavior. And, if you run the page yourself, you should be comfortable with the chosen positioning model. Each social network has its characteristics of brand presentation. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Entrepreneurs actively use this platform to promote goods, services, and personal brands and increase awareness and sales. Of course, the platform offers features worth noticing.

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The new format of short videos in the form of reels caught the attention of the site’s audience. Top bloggers and opinion leaders publish short videos to attract new Instagram followers and increase reach and engagement. Still not using this tool? It’s time to start doing this. Reels can have different plots and formats.

To gain popularity, you must publish at least 40–50 reels. The more content, the higher your chances of getting closer to the top. Maintaining an account in the usual format of posts and stories is not enough today. Publishing reels allows you to work with current subscribers and attract new ones.

Stories Longer than 2 Minutes

Dry facts and words taken out of context are not fashionable on the court these days. Popular live presentation of information in stories format. Storytelling is of particular importance. Success is achieved by those who skillfully use stories longer than 2 minutes. Are you giving a restaurant review? There is no need to tell dry facts: address, interior, prices, or service. Share your impressions, emotions, and experiences with the public. Such content attracts attention and stands out from competitors. Its main advantage is that videos of this format cannot be copied or repeated.

Hashtags and Geotags

Hashtags and geotags on Instagram help increase your reach. However, you need to be careful when using trending tags, as they make it difficult for Instagrammers to find the information they need. SMM experts advise using deeper hashtags to promote posts. They won’t bring thousands of new subscribers, but 10-15% of people will find your content based on the tags.


The explosive growth of the social network TikTok is fantastic. Regarding the number of downloads, the Chinese platform has long been ahead of the popular Instagram and Facebook. Some users believe that TikTok is a site for teenagers where businesses have nothing to do. It is a big misconception. Brand promotion like AFK Journey game on TikTok has many prospects. The main thing is understanding the site’s specifics and maximizing its capabilities.


Free Promotion

First, you must create a page and regularly add new clips with stories about your company’s work. The next step is getting into the recommendations. When videos appear frequently in users’ feeds, they will be constantly viewed. You can use pages on other social networks to popularize the project on the website. You can announce the publication of a new video. Another free promotion method is hashtags. Use tags to help your channel rank higher and reach the recommendations block. An important rule: do not use top tags irrelevant to the topic. In this case, hashtags will work in the opposite direction.

An equally important step on the path to success is high-quality account design. It’s worth creating your profile considering the interests of your target audience and the specifics of your field.

Paid Promotion

The social network TikTok has paid methods of promotion. We are talking about advertising. It can be set up using the special TikTok For Business platform. It was created specifically for advertisers. The option allows launching four advertising videos simultaneously: Brand Takeover, In-feed Native Video, Hashtag Challenge, and AR.


It is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It allows you to communicate, scroll through the news feed with posts, photos, and videos, conduct business, and sell goods and services.


We are talking about ordinary invitations to join the group to acquaintances and friends, which can be sent daily. This method works effectively with a good base of potential clients.

You can organize the distribution of invitations not only within the site itself but also outside it. Invitations by e-mail and SMS mailings will provide a pretty good effect. It is enough to have the necessary contact database and some free time. Another way to attract new subscribers is to distribute information and advertising booklets, flyers, and business cards indicating the group’s address.

External Advertising

Do you have your own Instagram profile? Do you run a channel on YouTube? Nothing is stopping you from using these resources to promote your FB community. Experts recommend paying attention to cross-promotion. Its essence is that on FB, you advertise a YouTube channel, and on it, you mention your community on Facebook.

Advertising in Other Communities

The social network FB itself provides advertising opportunities. There are dozens of groups where you can successfully promote yourself. There are two ways to do this:

  • Paid promotion. You pay the administrator or community owner a certain amount, and they tell their audience about your project.
  • Mutual PR involves advertising on one page and having it talk about you in return. If you are trying to set the desired vector of movement for a new project, use paid advertising at first. Mutual PR works well when you have gathered a specific audience of fans and reached a reasonably solid level.

Particularly effective and affordable targeted advertising for businesses. For it to have an effect, you must have certain knowledge and understand its configuration features.


As you can see, there are more and more opportunities for positioning and promotion. Use them wisely and choose the most effective methods of attracting customers on each site. In addition, try not to miss the emergence of new trends and regularly publish relevant content.