Popularity on Instagram is determined by many factors: the number of likes, comments, follow and unfollow statistics, and much more. But the main indicator is the number of audiences. If you have several hundred regular readers, then you can hardly consider yourself famous.

Today we will talk about how you can gain an audience on this platform easily and in a short time.

Definition of the target audience

Before you start using various promotion methods and get Instagram followers, you need to understand who your audience is, namely, what kind of people your content might be interested in. To do this, analyze the subject of your profile and decide which people are most interested in it.

Instagram Target Audience

When you know who you are working for, it is easier for you to create content that will collect feedback and bring you, new viewers. In addition, if you are using the platform to promote your business, then you need to know your audience because it is your potential customer.

Cooperation with specialized websites

At the very beginning of the work, when you have just defined your audience, you can start promoting. The first and easiest method is to manually increase the audience. You can turn to an experienced website like Viplikes and buy Instagram followers there to get a head start on your career.

As a rule, novice accounts cannot gain the first few hundred or thousand subscribers because the platform does not yet see prospects in them and the algorithms do not promote their content. In order to avoid long work in vain, you should take care of the first stage of promotion in advance and study information about various services.

Speaking of such cooperation, we do not mean bots that only increase the number of accounts subscribed to the profile, but do not show any activity. You should never resort to using such technology because it is useless in the long run. Your path to success is reaching out to companies that provide a real audience.

We recommend that you buy real Instagram followers on websites with lots of positive reviews and a large customer base, such as Soclikes. Such professional companies guarantee that you will not be deceived and will provide you with comfortable and efficient cooperation.

Beautiful account visual

Speaking of visuals, we mean not only a nice main photo and a stylish feed of posts, but also how the bio is designed and what your nickname is. The nickname must contain your name or a keyword that is written in the name line.

The bio should contain brief and essential information about you. If you provide any services, please include your address and hours of operation. The same goes for shops and cafes. The latter also needs to create highlights with photos of dishes from the menu, customer reviews, and important news about the establishment.

Account Visual

After that, pay attention to your posts and pin the most important ones, such as a post about how to find you and what products or services you provide. So users will be able to navigate your account from the first seconds and understand what you are doing.

Make quality content

Trying to promote an account is good, but if it doesn’t have quality content, then nothing will help you become popular. Instagram is the ideal social network for posting beautiful photos and videos, often different from the everyday life of most users.

Therefore, you should, on your own or in collaboration with a photographer, create and edit pictures so that they are as attractive as possible for people and people who want to look at them. If you are a blogger who talks about your life in your profile, then you can publish your photos of the places you have visited and aesthetic photos of your interior or wardrobe.

In the case of cafes and restaurants, everything is simpler but more boring. Those who want to promote their establishment on this platform need to take pictures of dishes or drinks in beautiful processing, as well as photograph visitors at the table. Remember that all this should attract the attention of users and encourage them to look at all your posts and subsequently come to you and buy your products.

Constantly analyze competitors

In order to learn not from your own mistakes, but from the mistakes of others, you need to regularly analyze creators who work in the same field. Keep track of what they do well and what is bad, what content collects a lot of feedback and what does not. Analyze their statistics and try not to repeat mistakes and incorporate positive aspects into your work (but do not copy someone else’s experience).


Watch how other authors communicate with their followers and how they build interaction. If you see that their sales are better, then perhaps this is due to the style of communication with users. Pay attention to the regularity of publications and their formats. Maybe you will see something that you have never done and try to use such technology.

Create a content plan

We hope you understand that the number of posts always affects audience statistics. If you leave your job for a long time, then your viewers will leave you and new ones will not appear. When users first log into an account, they immediately look at the date of the last publication and the regularity of posts.

As a rule, if the author publishes content less than once every couple of days, users are not interested in subscribing to it, because they want to see new posts, reels, and stories in the feed every day. To immediately hook someone else’s audience, you need to show that you are always on the platform and either publish something or communicate with subscribers in comments or direct.

In order to maintain regularity and avoid circumstances preventing you from making new posts on some days, create a content plan that you will follow. You can prescribe topics for posts for a month and follow this schedule. So that there are no gaps due to some problems, write texts and prepare pictures in advance. You need to have written posts for at least the next few days.

This does not mean that you need to completely abandon spontaneous ideas. If something important happened someday and you need to talk about it, you can publish it, and leave the planned text for another day. Thanks to this, you will have an even more reliable supply of content in the near future.

Make stories

In 2022, it is probably obvious to everyone that stories are one of the main formats on Instagram. This format differs in that it is easier to see in the feed than regular posts, and this content also disappears after 24 hours. There you can share moments of your daily life, arrange polls and call for answers to any question in direct messages.

Stories help build a trusting relationship between a creator and their audience through direct communication and the ability to see users’ reactions to the content. Try to show the audience that their opinion is important to you: ask where you should go today or what color of sneakers to choose for an evening walk. After that, publish the result — people voted and you listened to their answer.

Instagram Phone

Many bloggers and brands are too closed off from direct communication with the audience. They block the ability to reply to their stories and repost their publications, do not respond to private messages, and do not read comments. This approach can be understandable if the author is already very famous, and is tired of constant attention and a huge number of messages, but even in this case, you should try to respond to your readers as much as possible.

Collaborate with thematic accounts

The platform has thematic profiles that publish posts by authors with similar topics. There you can see the accounts of such bloggers and analyze their activities, meet some creators, and also gain an audience that is subscribed to such a profile.

Most importantly, if you want to get to know someone and engage in a public conversation in the comments, do it politely. Tell the author that he makes cool content and that you like his work. In this case, it is highly likely that you will subscribe to each other and perhaps in the future will collaborate for free using an audience exchange.

Being in any thematic community gives you the opportunity to interact with competitors or colleagues, which will benefit you and possibly even for free.


Before you start promoting on Instagram, you need to properly prepare your account and make it visually attractive to users. Once you have done this, you can use various promotion methods.

First of all, do not forget that you must regularly make high-quality content that is interesting to your audience and thanks to which you will attract new viewers. It is also important to analyze the activities of other authors and communicate with them in order to get the opportunity for profitable collaboration.

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