Digital gift cards are a trendy means of earning some extra cash online. Unlike the physical gift cards that exist in tangible forms, digital gift cards exist virtually. There are many ways you can leverage this method to earn some money. This blog post explores how to make cash via electronic gift cards. Continue reading to discover valuable tips.

Digital gift cards

How Do You Earn Extra Cash via Digital Gift Cards?

Before discovering how to earn money through virtual gift cards, it’s vital to understand what they are. Digital gift cards are also called e-codes or e-gift cards. These digital codes are purchased electronically. The provider then sends them to whoever they’re for, whether via email or text message.

Businesses that provide e-gift cards include retail shops, financial institutions, and specific apps. E-gift cards, such as those for Apple Play and Steam, are highly popular. You can use them to purchase products and services online. Here are the main benefits of these cards:

  • Freedom of choice: Once you receive e-gift cards, you’re free to determine the goods/services to buy with them. Furthermore, you have the freedom to decide where to use these cards (to a certain degree).
  • Convenience: Digital gift cards are accessible and usable via electronic gadgets. Thus, you don’t have to carry physical cards around.
  • Redeemable for Cash: There are various online platforms to resell your gift cards for cash.
  • Traceable: It’s hard to lose your gift cards as you can easily find them in your inbox.
  • Personalization Option: Digital gift cards can be customized to reflect your unique gifting style.

Are you ready to start earning digital gift cards? Here are various strategies that pros use.

Participate in Online Surveys

Businesses want to know your opinions on their products/services, and they pay for these thoughts. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this earning method.

Some survey websites offer participants a chance to do various things, like fill out a questionnaire or watch video ads, to earn free cash. Once you earn specific points, you can exchange them for e-codes. Although these websites might not enrich you, they allow you to earn gift cards. There are several famous survey platforms with high-income returns. All you need to do is participate actively to earn extra. One example of a survey site is, which lets you complete surveys for a Google Play gift card.

Remember, each survey company works for specific businesses and focuses on particular audiences. So, you need to check the platforms that provide you a chance to participate in many well-paying surveys. You also need to research various features of a survey platform, like the ease of navigation and the minimum amount you can withdraw.

Earn Rewards While Shopping

Some online businesses reward their customers with points whenever they buy goods/services. Upon accumulating specific points, you can redeem them for e-gift cards or use them for reduced prices when shopping.

Complete Money-Maker Tasks

A quick way of getting e-codes is via money-maker tasks. These are activities from companies that aim to expand their customer base, and they’re usually very quick and easy to complete. Some tasks you can perform to earn the rewards include taking surveys, playing video games, and watching videos.

Receive Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses can be difficult to obtain, especially if the person you’re referring fails to sign up for the platform you’re marketing to them. However, this technique can earn you handsome gift cards when the referral signs up. It’s probably one of the best forms of passive income. Some popular companies for referral promotions include Chase Bank, PayPal, Comcast, and T-Mobile.

Earn Rewards for Visiting the Grocery Store

Some websites reward you for accomplishing specific market research tasks, for example, taking images of grocery displays and sending soft copies of your receipts. Although you might not earn much from these platforms, they offer you a chance to get free digital gifts when buying groceries.

Win Gift Cards on Giveaways

Participating in specific online contests can earn you digital gift cards as giveaways. For instance, some startups provide giveaways when audiences perform particular tasks, like sharing a post and commenting on the post. You can find these contests on various platforms, including Instagram and X.



Advancements in technology have disrupted the way businesses gift individuals. E-gift cards are a popular way of rewarding individuals, and there are multiple ways of earning these rewards. You can earn extra cash by leveraging this approach, thanks to the numerous platforms available. This post has given you the best tips and hacks for making some cash via digital gift cards. Use them wisely!