Any company worth its salt, these days, has an online presence: if I had a dollar for each time I heard “find us on Facebook, twitter and TikTok” etc. Similarly, digital shopping has evolved massively too. People are less and less likely to visit stores to see their potential purchases first hand, we scroll through Pinterest on our phones and find inspiration on Instagram. If you want to buy an ergonomic office chair, you will probably start by doing research online. To be successful in business in the 21st century, you must be successful in e-commerce.


The purchasing of office furniture is no longer limited to firms and companies providing for their work force and the odd middle-class computing enthusiast. In a post-Covid era where many businesses are still encouraging hybrid working there is an entirely new market of buyers to be identified. Utilizing social media marketing, if you’re not doing so already, can be revolutionary and each app has its own advertising benefits.

For instance – Facebook, though it is considered archaic to some, offers paid ads that allow you to serve your content to the demographic most likely to purchase your products, for a small fee. Moreover, Facebook messenger facilitates a convenient location for messenger-based customer service.

If you’re interested in checking out your competitors’ advertising strategies on Facebook, you can use the Ads Library feature to view all the ads they’re currently running and get insights into their targeting and messaging.

Instagram is a toolbox within itself. Having your own Instagram account not only gives customers an additional option for engaging with a customer service team but also a place for you to showcase your office pieces and provide video footage of important information such as size and functionality. Happy customers can tag your page and their purchased products in their posts which benefits you twofold. Not only does this generate a wealth of positive customer feedback but also organic content you can repost, with the customer’s permission, that shows potential buyers how these pieces of furniture will look in real homes. A robust collection of positive feedback is becoming increasingly important as shoppers seek first-hand experience with their products from other users. Recruiting Instagram influencers is another way you can use the platform to your advantage. By selecting Instagram “influencers” with large followings and offering them discounted or gifted furniture to promote your product you may unlock a huge, previously untapped audience. Followers of these “influencers” may see your furniture in their favorite influencer’s home and be persuaded to visit your website or purchase a product from you, especially if a discount affiliate code is offered.

YouTube is a great tool to use in conjunction with Instagram to offer a myriad of information to prospective buyers. On YouTube you can create “How to” videos to help customers construct their furniture, for example, you can create a “How to build a standing desk?” video. You can also offer education on how to dress and style their new pieces or even have current customers submit video reviews of their product recommendations.

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Now you’ve secured a new target market, it’s imperative to focus on presentation. When a shop has a shabby store front or looks generally unkempt shoppers are less inclined to enter. The same premise applies to websites; if it’s clunky and difficult to navigate, potential customers are going to seek out competitors, taking their business elsewhere. A clear layout with a streamlined interface is mandatory for shoppers to have a pleasant experience and subsequently complete purchases. Furthermore, many shoppers browse on a variety of different devices, so it is mandatory for your website to be dynamic. An accessible website should function seamlessly on a desktop, smartphone and even tablets. Investing in your webpage is one of the simpler ways to yield a high ROI.

Another service worth investing in is your delivery method. Customers may love your furniture, have an effortless journey from start to “add to cart” but as soon as they click pay now and realize shipping charges are more than they’re willing to part with, they may as well exit the website entirely. Consumers are buying online because they don’t want the inconvenience of trailing around stores in person, so, if you can offer fast, free delivery or at the very least click and collect services, you are accommodating your customers fast paced lifestyles and encouraging them to purchase from you. Invariably, you can have products delivered to local Amazon lockers and third parties such as grocery stores that offer click and collect services from their stores. The security and convenience that this offers your customers ensures the final elements of their transaction are as convenient as possible. In many cases this is also more environmentally friendly which is another selling point in today’s market.

Successful e-commerce revolves around generating new customers and delivering an efficient experience – from providing impressions of how the pieces may look in a client’s home, all the way up to receiving their item. The most effective ways to do this are tapping into new markers using a variety of social media, building a strong and uncomplicated website and supporting the client’s modern needs with straightforward, cheap delivery options.

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