Over time, a lot of sites have been offering some kind of event. No matter if you are only promoting an event, or hosting it yourself, using WordPress is the best way to go, since it has a default calendar on which you can input all of your important dates and track them.

But if you are one of those people who just need something more, and are not completely satisfied with the features the default tool has. For this reason, we are here. But, new plugins keep popping up every now and then, and the number related to event management is really high. In this article, we would give you a few of the, in our opinion, best tools that will help you manage all of your events and keep you organized.



Amelia is your dream solution if you’re running a WordPress-powered website and need an efficient booking plugin. With seamless integration, Amelia empowers you to oversee all your appointments directly from your WordPress website.

This offers a level of convenience that benefits both you and your clients, providing a hassle-free and centralized booking experience. Clients can easily schedule appointments by completing a booking form anytime, giving them flexibility and improving their overall interaction with your business.

What sets Amelia apart are its comprehensive features, including appointment reminders, two-way calendar sync, online payment processing, packages of services, and support for recurring appointments.


The first on our list definitely has to be Eventin. No matter if your event is being held online or in person, it is a plugin that will definitely make your job a lot easier. It is not required that you have any previous knowledge about this topic, thanks to its really user-friendly interface. You are not limited in the number of events you are planning, and even have countdowns to your events, so you know when you are close to the deadline.


When it comes to virtual events, it has never been this easy. You can hold an event with only a few clicks thanks to this plugin. Thanks to EventIn´s many integrations automatization of email campaigns, selling tickets (if your event is not free), and attendance tracking is made really easy. WooCommerce is the most significant integration since you can sell tickets, offer your guests special offers, and coupons, accept payments and take deposits. The plugin offers three price plans starting from $59, going to $99, and finishing at $199. These present one-time purchases, and only differ in the number of sites you can use the plugin on. The smallest plan supports 5 sites, the second plan 10 sites and the biggest one supports an unlimited number of sites.

Events Manager

A really good tool that will probably cover most of the basic features in its free plan. So, if you are not looking to make anything complex, without any kind of work and personalization, and if you are a complete beginner this is a tool for you. The most useful features are contained inside the pro version. You can check out the list of features given in the link above.

Events Manager


Another really useful plugin that will for sure help you keep everything in check. It offers a lot of features, from a really eye-catching and responsive calendar to many customization tools which will allow you to fully personalize your experience. You can create your events and insert them into your calendars with only a few clicks. You can even duplicate your events really easily, which is helpful in case your events keep happening more than once. A media library is always at your service in case you need to insert any kind of pictures.


WP Event Manager

You can manage your events straight from your WordPress dashboard. You can customize your events to the fullest, with a simple user interface. It allows you a preview before your event goes live, so you know what it will look like. You can have event widgets and organizers for people that have more than one event planned. Easy event classification is helpful for event organizers to easily search through and identify certain events if they are dealing with multiple ones. All in all, a tool that deserves to be on our list.

WP Event Manager

Event organiser

The last plugin we will be mentioning is Event organiser. It offers a free and pro version. You can plan your events, input them into your calendar, and add and remove dates easily with a few clicks. You are offered more payment gateways, to choose the one you prefer the most. When it comes to physical, in-person events, thanks to the integration of Google maps, you can create and maintain venues. It holds all kinds of widgets, making it easy to see for the users.

Event organizer


With this tool, we are ending today´s shortlist. Once more, we would like to point you to EventIn. Based on our research, we really do believe this is the best tool when it comes to event management. Taking a look at their site will not cost you a thing, but might bring you great benefits.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and that we have answered any kind of questions that you might have had. Leaving this article with including at least one plugin we have presented, to help you with your job, is a success on our side.


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