The team at Dollie has just announced a major update to their WordPress Cloud Platform Builder with a focus on website blueprints, staging sites, and bulk site maintenance in an all-in-one automated system that works in tandem with the WP Admin Dashboard.

Dollie was created for WordPress-based designers, developers, and WaaS creators as a way to quickly scale their business by selling, launching, and managing their customer sites in a cloud-based platform, under their own brand, using their own domain, and sitting inside the WordPress ecosystem.

The platform brings all your business offerings under one roof, taking care of cloud infrastructure, site maintenance, customer management, billing, and much more behind the scenes. And the best thing? Your entire white-labeled cloud platform is managed inside WP Admin, meaning your WordPress business stays inside WordPress.

Dollie 2.0 has built upon the great features of its predecessor, with a full overhaul of the UX complimenting new features that make the platform even more powerful than before.

Real Time Customizer

To enhance the already powerful Blueprint builder, which allows you to create and redeploy full WordPress websites, the Dollie team has now implemented a Real Time Customizer where you or your customers can pre-populate content which is then loaded onto their site upon creation.

Imagine selling a pre-built website aimed at a niche market, where you or the customer can enter common variables such as Business Names, e-mails, addresses, slogans, and services during an onboarding form, which is then automatically replicated across the site. This is the type of enhanced data entry the Real Time Customizer can achieve for you.

Staging Sites

We all know the pitfalls of working on a live website and so do the Dollie team it seems. They wanted to make it easier than ever to test and deploy production design builds before they go live.

With one-click staging environments, you can work on problems or redesigns on a completely separate version of your live site inside the Dollie platform, which can prove extremely useful for design rebuilds, complex layouts, or mission-critical sites.

Offering staging functionality to your customers is also a great upsell feature and further sets you apart from your competitors.

Scheduled Site Actions

Managing multiple WordPress sites was already a breeze with Dollie’s Bulk Site Actions feature that allows you to simultaneously update themes & plugins, create site backups in bulk and stop or restart multiple sites across your network.

In Dollie 2.0 the team has gone one step further, with Scheduled Site Actions now allowing you to automate these processes to run once or twice per day, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

This makes your operations much more efficient and provides an enterprise service at scale. You can give your customers the reassurance their sites are up to date and backed up on a regular basis which is an excellent upsell for Care Plan packages.

Improved Onboarding & Hub Experience

For Dollie 2.0 the team has improved the onboarding journey to help new users get started quickly and enhanced the Hub UX experience for both you, your team, and your customers/clients.

The Hub Dashboard now displays an Overview of what’s happening inside your business, displaying new clients, new sites, blueprints, and Dollie updates at a glance.

You can now also view and manage all your customers/clients directly from the Hub Dashboard using the Customers/Clients Directory.

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