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Let’s be honest. You want crazy engagement on your Instagram posts. But engagement is a tough nut to crack.

According to a study by Hootsuite, businesses with less than 10k followers on Instagram received greater engagement. So, Instagram followers aren’t a reliable metric when it comes to engagement.

Well, how do you get engagement, then? Comments, likes, reposts, and shares are some underrated metrics affecting your engagement rate the most.

In this article, you’ll learn the types of Instagram posts that boost engagement. In other words, you’ll learn tips about creating particular kinds of Instagram posts that’ll receive more comments, likes, reposts, and shares.

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Benefits of Instagram Engagement

Engagement increases your reach on the platform and encourages your followers to like, comment, and share your posts.

However, making your content more visible and potentially attracting new followers can be daunting. It requires hard work and time.

If, for some reason, you can’t give proper time, then you can buy real USA Instagram comments or custom Instagram comments based on your preferences. When you post new content, these purchased comments can provide an initial boost in engagement and encourage more genuine interactions from your audience.

Here are the benefits of Instagram engagement:

Improved Visibility

Instagram’s algorithm recognizes valuable content and shows it to a broader audience. It results in high engagement on your posts. Furthermore, more engagement on your post will increase visibility and followers.

Better Understanding of Your Audience

Having a conversation or interacting with your audience gives you a better understanding of

  • your audience’s interests,
  • their preferences,
  • and feedback on your content.

This allows you to identify their needs and inspire you to create content per your audience’s needs.

Collaborative Opportunities

Engaging with your audience and followers can bring business opportunities. You never know when you will stumble on your path and meet another influencer to collaborate with!

Increased Sales

Engaging with your audience not only brings the growing followers list but also brings you their trust. When you interact with them and respond to their feedback, you can eventually influence them to buy your products, increasing sales.

Boost Your Credibility

Posts with high engagement rates regarding likes and comments can increase your credibility and authority on the platform.

More numbers of likes and comments can attract more potential customers and eventually help you stand out from competitors.

Types Of IG Engagement

Any interaction on Instagram that occurs between users and accounts is considered engagement. It could be anything, from likes to comments, shares, saves, and direct messages.

Let’s know about each of them thoroughly.


Starting from the most common engagement, ‘Likes.’ Whenever a user likes your post or content, it indicates that they enjoy it. Almost 14.2 billion likes are given daily on Instagram showing a consistently improving engagement rate.

As per Instagram’s algorithm, having more likes on your post also means increased visibility of your brand and content. Besides that, while ‘likes’ can boost your presence, they will not always lead to direct conversions of the audience to customers. This is why some brands opt to buy automatic Instagram likes to enhance their online presence.


Second on the list is ‘comments,’ which allows the users to offer their feedback on posts directly, have discussions, and share their points of view.

Comments are a direct approach to sharing your views on any content. It gives the liberty of channeling thoughts or receiving a review. This type of engagement helps in having a direct conversation about the content and attracts even more audiences.

However, getting a considerable amount of comments on content is still a challenge. If you want to improve comments on your posts, a more straightforward route is to buy IG custom comments.

3. Shares And Reposts

The last form of engagement is ‘shares or reposts.’ It allows you to increase your reach on the platform.

Users who see your posts in their timelines start sharing them through stories or DMs. And it will eventually attract new users and potential customers.

Now that we have discussed various types of engagements on Instagram in the form of likes, comments, shares, or saves, this will help you build a solid and engaged community on Instagram.

So, this is the type of Instagram engagement that will help you

  • increase engagement,
  • and build a follower base.

And when talking about engagement, you can also buy custom IG comments. Certain service providers allow you to buy Instagram comments custom.

Types Of Instagram Post To Boost Engagement

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Many businesses need help in creating engaging posts for their followers. Though there is no proper approach, you may experiment with different types of posts.

Let’s find out some types of IG posts to drive engagement.

1. Photo Posts

Photo posts on Instagram are still one of the classic and never changing ways to showcase your brand’s visibility. You may try posts like

  • product photo sharing,
  • behind-the-scenes shots,
  • or inspirational images.

Also, you must post high-quality images to make them more appealing.

2. Carousels

Carousels have emerged as one of the most engaging posts recently. It allows you to post ten photos at one time. You can use it to tell stories or showcase different aspects of your brand.

Plus, when users keep on sliding through your posts to see what is next, it shows your audience is interested and can keep them hooked to your post for longer.

3. Informational Posts

Nowadays, people are spending most of their time on social media platforms, resulting in increased demand for each type of content.

You can provide valuable content to your audience through informational posts, something worth spending their time on Instagram.

However, you need the audience to engage with your content to help increase the visibility and reach to potential customers.

That’s where buying cheap comments on Instagram from https://skweezer.net/buy-custom-instagram-comments might help.

By purchasing real custom Instagram comments from Skweezer (a reliable service provider), you will increase your post’s engagement rate.

Skweezer offers fast delivery and allows you to select your post and write your comments, giving you complete control over your audience’s engagement.

We recommend you buy Instagram custom comments from a reputable service provider. Buying Instagram custom comments from unreliable providers will have an inverse effect on your reputation.

Here are the benefits if you choose to buy cheap custom Instagram comments:

  • The comments you pay for come from accounts created by real people, making them authentic and engaging for your audience.
  • With Skweezer, you fully control the comments left on your posts. Select your post and write your comments to suit your brand’s voice and tone.
  • It provides instant custom Instagram comments once you make the payment.

4. Reels

Instagram reels were introduced in 2020 and emerged as a big success over the platform. In 2023, it is most recommended and superior to all IG posts.

Reels allow you to post 90 seconds of video to showcase your creativity. You can

  • demonstrate your product
  • share customers reviews,
  • and entertaining and funny videos.

The best thing about IG reels is that they can make you reach wider audiences. Even if someone is not following you, you can see your reel. Isn’t it a great way to boost your engagement?

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5. Collaboration Posts

Collaboration is an effective and proven way to increase engagement. How do you get started on collaboration posts? All you have to do is collaborate with other brand influencers in your industry; You can tap into their audience and gain new followers.

Additionally, collaboration stories can spark other creative ideas and new perspectives on your brand.

6. Long-Form Written Posts With Photos

Long-form posts are another way to engage your followers. While Instagram is primarily a visual platform, longer posts can be a powerful tool to tell stories and build a connection with your audience.

Paired with a catchy image, a thoughtful headline can encourage your followers to engage with your content and even start a conversation in the comments section.

7. Short, Direct Written Posts With Photo

Finally, short, direct written posts with photos can also effectively engage your audience. For example: If you are sharing a throwback, BTS, short and quick tips, or any motivational quote, make sure you are giving a brief, relevant caption with eye-catching images.

As evident, photos are the most noticeable that attract followers’ attention, encouraging them to engage with content.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to increase your Instagram engagement, mixing up your content strategy and trying out different post types is essential.

From photo posts and carousels to reels and collaboration posts, there are many ways to keep your followers interested and engaged with your brand.

Remember the power of informational posts and the benefits of buying custom Instagram comments to boost higher engagement rates.

Using the above tactics with a consistent posting schedule will get you a solid and engaged community on Instagram.

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