You have probably heard of job boards if you’re an employer or an employee. They are websites employers use to advertise an opening or a position to job seekers. It can be very helpful and beneficial since it can consist of some important information for both sides. To make good job boards, you need a good plugin like Lensa. This is where WordPress comes into play since in this article, we will explore which one is the best free WordPress job board plugin.

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1. WP Job Manager

The first plugin on our list is a free WordPress job board plugin and the download of it is completely free. WP Job Manager allows you to easily search through job boards to find the ones you’re looking for. You can manage jobs through a dashboard and that means you don’t necessarily have to be added to the site admin. Google and others can read every job listing since it is easily accessible. Applications can be done through emails or links that are displayed for applicants so they can easily apply. Not only can applicants apply easily but the job listings also get their own links that consist of descriptions and custom information.

2. ApplyOnline

Secondly, we have to mention ApplyOnline. You can easily create different ads in different fields such as careers, classes, registrations, admissions, and so on. Apply button is easily accessible on the listings so every applicant will not go through any trouble to apply. Every further and more detailed description or additional information can be added to the listing. You can send emails to recipients you choose every time an application is received. All of this is possible and more with this completely free WordPress job board plugin. If you’re not a developer, you don’t have to worry because documentation is available for both developers and non-developers. To sum it up, ApplyOnline is very easily used and you can understand all the features in no time.

3. Formidable Forms

This plugin is called one of the most powerful job board plugins on WordPress. That is a pretty bold statement but the features it offers cover that. The first amazing feature that comes with Formidable Forms is a drag-and-drop builder that makes building forms an easy and fun job. You can access and see your complete form through your WordPress dashboard so you can see how easy it is to access anything you might need. You can add email notifications and autoresponders that will be triggered by any submission. This means nothing will ever be missed and every applicant counts right away!

4. Simple Job Board

Moving on to Simple Job Board. This plugin has “simple” in its name and that is exactly what it offers; simplicity. You can add, manage and categorize all with the WordPress User Interface. Job types can be easily added and also you can add job locations which can be a piece of very beneficial information. You don’t have to add just one shortcode, you can add a combination of multiple shortcodes for one job listing. Every document you need and want to upload can be uploaded in many different extensions. If you want to see who applied for a specific job, you can check the applicants’ list.

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To Sum Up:

In this article, we have mentioned how beneficial job board plugins can be and have made a search for the best free WordPress job board plugin. We have mentioned 4 of them and explained all of their features. It is up to you to choose the one you like the most and make job boards exciting!

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