Database diff

  • no planned date at the moment
  • the feature should ease debugging of big plugins that make a lot of changes to the database that are hard to track
  • displayes changes in the database compared to the default values
  • some changes will be whitelisted as they are expected
  • custom tables will be shown too but without a diff as we don’t have anything to compare them with

Database snapshots

  • no planned date at the moment
  • will assist in situations where a full reset is too much and the installation needs to be reverted to a previos state that’s not blank
  • functionality will be very close to a backup but should not be used or considered as one
  • database has to be stored locally; probably as an SQL dump; keeping a copy of tables in the DB is also an option


  • WP-MU support – we wanted to add this a long time ago but it turned out to be more work than we planned
  • in-plugin contact form – it’s nice to be able to email someone quickly when things are not working

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