This settings page holds the most important information about your account. You can change your name, email, and password that’s used for accessing the License Manager.

Basic Information

  • email address – this email address is used for logging in (as the username). All notifications, including those that need your action, will be sent to this address, so make sure you enter your best email here.
  • name – change the way your name is displayed in the License Manager.

License Manager basic info

Change Password

The first time you access the License Manager, you do that with the password provided by the system. To improve the safety of your account, we strongly suggest that you change your password as soon as possible and that you use a strong password.

  1. Type the old password (the one you used to log in)
  2. Enter new password
  3. Repeat the new password
  4. Click on “Set New Password” button to save changes

License Manager change password

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