The License settings are only visible to Agency license holders who need to manage 100 or more websites. If you have a one-site license, these options will not be visible to you.

All licenses available for your products are listed on this page. You can create as many licenses as you need and configure them to fit your needs. Please note that “max active sites” and the “valid until” date limits set in purchases are applied to all licenses. If a license is created with a higher limit, the one from purchase will be applied.

Search Box

The search box allows you to search for licenses by any parameter quickly. The agencies that handle hundreds of websites and multiple licenses will appreciate the simple search feature. Just write your search query and hit the enter key or click on the blue “Search” button.

License Manager Search


Edit License

By clicking on the Edit icon (pencil), you will be able to manage that particular license. A new settings page will appear, holding all the important options. Learn more.

License Manager Edit License

Delete License

Click on the trash icon to delete the selected license. After clicking, a confirmation window will show up, asking you to confirm the deletion process.

There is NO UNDO. All sites using this license will be deactivated, so make sure you really do want to delete the selected license key.

License Manager Delete License


Hover over the note icon to quickly read the short message associated with that particular license. Notes can be added when creating or editing licenses, and their purpose is simple – to remind you why & for whom you created the license.

License Manager Note


Shows the name of the product you have purchased.

License Manager Product


Shows the status of your current purchase/product. The green icon indicates an Active product, while the red one shows a product that has been Cancelled or Expired.

License Manager Status

License Key/Domain

Shows the license key itself or the domain you have set it to. You can copy the license key to the clipboard by clicking the icon next to it.

License Manager License Key Domain

Valid Until

Shows the date when the particular license is about to end. If you have a lifetime license, this label will show that the license lasts forever.

License Manager Valid Until

Active/Max Sites

Shows the maximum number of sites that can simultaneously run the plugin, as well as how many sites are currently active. Click on the button next to it to manage sites.

Licenses that you have activated on localhosts will be shown separately, and are not counted as active sites.

License Manager Active Sites

Extra Features

Shows if the selected license has any additional features available. You can always edit the particular license to change this. For example, one group of sites you manage may have the WP Reset Cloud active, while you can turn off the option for another group if you want to.

License Manager Extra Features

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