The built-in 1-click backup tool provides an easy way to create a safe local copy of your database before doing any reset or delete operations. Please note the following details about the backup tool:

  • backup tool only works with the database; it does not back up files in any way
  • the “download backup” button is available in all tools that work with the database; if a tool works with files, the button is not available
  • “download backup” link is also available in all confirmation boxes, before running the tool
  • it takes less than five seconds to generate the backup on an average size WordPress installation
  • backups are gzipped SQL dumps and can be restored using any MySQL tool such as phpMyAdmin
  • once generated backups are stored in /wp-content/wp-reset-backups/ folder
  • file naming template: wp-reset-backup-%site-url%-%full-date%-%4-char-rnd-hex%.sql.gz
  • backup folder is protected from directory browsing by a .htaccess file
  • backup file can only be downloaded if you know the exact filename which is randomly generated
  • you can generate a new backup every 30 seconds – this protects the server from creating more than one backup simultaneously

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